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Tottenham Hotspur Supporters Clubs

Tottenham Hotspur are one of the best-supported and most prolific EPL clubs in the USA with branches springing up all over the country. With over 400 official groups worldwide, Spurs appear to be on a mission to plant their flag in every town, city, and village on the planet. In fact, fifty quid and a bunch of mates will get you your own Tottenham club! So get to it. Meanwhile, this page will guide you through all the Tottenham bars and Supporters clubs around the USA. 

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Tottenham Hotspur FC
Supporters Clubs In The USA

Hey Ho, Let's Go!

Tottenham Supporters Club In Alabama

Mobile Alabama Spurs

Meet up with the Mobile Spurs fans for all Saturday matches at O’Daly’s Irish Pub downtown on Dauphin Street. Follow them on their excellent Facebook page to find out info for Sunday and mid-week matches. Locations are usually updated within a few days of the match.

Spurs Bar In Mobile - O'Daly's


Tottenham Supporters In Arkansas

Little Rock Spurs

This official Spurs group meets at Fassler Hall in downtown Little Rock where you’ll be sorted for sausages. You can become a member of this group through the official Spurs website, as you can with all of the Spurs supporters groups listed on this page.

Spurs Bar In Little Rock - Fassier Hall


Tottenham Supporters In Arizona

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Arizona Spurs

This Tottenham supporters group was formed in Phoenix in 2014. You can follow them on social media or head down to Fibber Magee’s pub in Chandler for a match. Be warned! This pub was voted “Best Craic Heads 2003” by the New Times.

Spurs Bar In Phoenix - Fibber Magee's

Tuscon Spurs

Formed in 2014, Tuscon Spurs are a small but dedicated group who meet downtown at Gentle Ben’s Brewery (named after the bear in ‘Grizzly Adams’) to cheer on the Lilywhites. Follow them on social media for all the important updates.

Spurs Bar In Tuscon - Gentle Ben's


Tottenham Hotspur Clubs In California


Tottenham Hotspur Clubs In Colorado

Colorado Spurs

Based in the Mile High City of Denver, Colorado Spurs, also known as CO Spurs was formed in 2006 but didn’t become an official Tottenham club until  2014.  They meet at Esters Neighborhood Pub and encourage you to become a member so you can enjoy some great benefits.

Spurs Bar In Denver - Ester's


Tottenham Clubs In Connecticut

New Haven Spurs

The first official supporter group in the State was created in 2013. The New Haven Spurs can be found on matchdays at J. P. Dempsey’s which has been an integral part of the New Haven community for over three decades.

Spurs Bar In New Haven - J.P. Dempsey's

Stamford Spurs

An hour’s drive down from New Haven you’ll find the Stamford Spurs supporters at their bar Casey’s Tavern in the middle of town. The Irish breakfast comes highly recommended.

Tottenham Bar In Stamford - Casey's


Tottenham Supporters Club in DC

DC Spurs

Look out! Spurs have conquered another capital city. DC Spurs have been growing their ranks ever since they first formed back in 2007. They gather to watch Spurs play at the Irish Channel Pub, mere blocks from the Chinatown Metro.

Tottenham Bar In DC - Irish Channel Pub


Tottenham Bars & Clubs In Florida

There are over a dozen Tottenham supporters clubs in Florida.
Find them all here.


Tottenham Supporters Clubs In Georgia

Georgia Spurs

Based in Athens, home of REM and the B52s, the Georgia Tottenham fans watch games at The Royal Peasant on Lumpkin Street in the Five Points neighborhood. This place is nuts about soccer and offers all your British favorites on its menu.

Tottenham Bar In Athens - The Royal Peasant

Atlanta Spurs

Formed back in 2012, Atlanta Spurs continue to multiply year after year in this great metropolis.  They watch games at Manny’s Grant Park located near Oakland Cemetery and have a website where you can sign up for membership.

Tottenham Bar In Atlanta - Manny's Grant Park


Tottenham Supporters Club In Hawaii

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Honolulu Spurs

This is hands down the most remote of all the Tottenham groups in the USA, if not the world. They encourage any fans on the Hawaiian Islands to become a member so they can enjoy discounts at the Spurs shop, along with other benefits. Meeting up is obviously a challenge due to those very inconvenient 5 am kick-offs.


Tottenham Supporters Club In Idaho

Boise Spurs

Boise now has its own official Tottenham Supporters group. Also, Boise now has its own soccer bar called Liga Boise. So it’s a match made in heaven. Join the Spurs fans there for any game starting after 8 am local time. You can also follow Boise Spurs on social media.

Tottenham Bar In Boise - Liga Boise


Tottenham Supporters Club In Illinois

Chicago Spurs

As the third largest city in the US, Chicago is an important hub for supporter groups. Chicago Spurs was formed in 2006 and the club has grown to over 250 members. They have an exclusive home at the Atlantic Bar & Grill on N. Lincoln Avenue and they also have an impressive range of club merchandise available at their website store.

Tottenham Bar In Chicago - Atlantic Bar & Grill

Crystal Lake Spurs

There is a second Illinois Tottenham supporters group in the suburbs of Chicago. The Crystal Lake Spurs meet at Cesaroni’s Cafe & Deli in Woodstock. It’s a 90-minute drive from downtown Chicago. You can also check out their Facebook page here.

Tottenham Bar In Crystal Lake - Cesaroni's


Tottenham Supporters Club In Indiana

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Indy Spurs

This is another large, official Tottenham fan group that was formed in 2013. Indy Spurs meet for every game at Centre Point Brewing which offers a large selection of IPAs. Come on down and cheer on the Lilywhites and become a member for free at where you can also pick up a club tee shirt and scarf.

Tottenham Bar In Indianapolis - Centre Point


Tottenham Supporters Club In Iowa

Iowa Spurs

The sole Spurs group in Iowa are based in the capital city of Des Moines. They meet at the Royal Mile, a great British-style soccer pub with all your favorites on its menu including Fish & Chips, Bangers & Mash, and, Cornish Pasties. And of course, you can follow Iowa Spurs on social media.

Tottenham Bar In Des Moines - The Royal Mile


Tottenham Clubs In Kentucky

Lexington Spurs

Lexington Kentucky is known as the horse capital of the world. It’s also home to Bluegrass as well as a dedicated group of Tottenham fans. They are based out of Patchen Shamrocks bar just off the New Circle Road. This is Lexington’s oldest sports bar. Bring a healthy appetite for some Southern-style Irish food!

Tottenham Bar In Lexington - Shamrocks

Louisville Spurs

Louisville Spurs have been around for over a decade and now boast over 150 members. They gather to watch every match at Saints Pizza and Pub off Route 60 where they welcome new members. You can read more about them on their excellent website.

Tottenham Bar In Louisville - Saints Pizza & Pub


Tottenham Supporters In Louisiana

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New Orleans Spurs

No prizes for guessing which bar the New Orleans Spurs meet in. The legendary Finn McCools is basically the only place in the Big Easy that is dedicated to showing European soccer. Unfortunately, that means they have to share it with their North London neighbors, as well as some other, less bothersome EPL groups.

Tottenham Bar In New Orleans - Finn McCools


Tottenham Supporters Club In Maine

Maine Spurs

Way up there in Portland, you’ll find the only official Tottenham fan group in the region. They attract fans from all over Maine and New Hampshire who meet at the excellently named Gritty McDuffs in the Old Port to cheer on the Lilywhites.

Tottenham Bar In Portland - Gritty McDuffs


Tottenham Club In Massachusetts

Boston Spurs

Boston Spurs have been serving the New England community of Tottenham fans since 2006. They meet for games at Clery’s on Dartmouth Road and encourage all visiting Spurs fans to drop by for a game and a pizza.

Tottenham Bar In Boston - Clery's


Tottenham Supporters In Maryland

Baltimore Spurs

This ever-expanding Tottenham group started life in 2012. They were inspired by a pre-season visit by Spurs that year when Spurs drew 0-0 with Liverpool in front of over 40,000 fans. They now boast over 120 paying members and many more visitors. The group also has a new clubhouse at Lighthouse Tavern, conveniently located between the Fells Point and Canton neighborhoods of downtown Baltimore.

Tottenham Bar In Baltimore - Lighthouse Tavern


Tottenham Supporters In Michigan


Tottenham Supporters In Minnesota

Minneapolis Spurs

This group welcomes Spurs fans who live anywhere in the great State of Minnesota, not just the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. If you happen to be visiting then you are also welcome to join them at Palmer’s Bar on Cedar Avenue for a live match. This West Bank bar has a fascinating history.

The original pub was opened in 1906, survived prohibition, and at one point had a brothel upstairs! It was also a location for the film version of Charles Bukowski’s Factotum. These days you can get your thrills by cheering on the Lilywhites to victory.

Tottenham Bar In Minneapolis - Palmer's

Duluth Spurs

Duluth Spurs describe themselves as an officially unofficial branch of the official supporter’s group. If that’s not confusing enough they don’t have a home bar either. They do try to lure you in, however, with the promise of cool scarves/decals/t-shirts.


Tottenham Supporters In Missouri

Kansas City Spurs

The official Tottenham group in Kansas City meet for games downtown at the very psychedelic Strange Days Brewing. You can also become a member through their social media

Tottenham Bar In Kansas City - Strange Days

St. Louis Spurs

St. Louis Spurs invite you to join them to support the Lilywhites at Amsterdam Tavern near Tower Grove Park. This is a European-style bar with a focus on soccer, so you’ll be in good company. You can also follow the group on Social media.

Tottenham Bar In St. Louis - Amsterdam Tavern


Tottenham Supporters In Nebraska

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Omaha Spurs

This is the official Tottenham group representing the state of Nebraska and is based in its largest city, Omaha. They meet at St. Andrew’s pub on Maple Street. The pub boasts the greatest collection of retro pinball games in Nebraska, as well as over 100 whiskeys.

Tottenham Bar In Omaha - St Andrews Pub


Tottenham Supporters In Nevada

Las Vegas Spurs

The best thing about being a Tottenham fan in Las Vegas, according to the club’s Facebook page, is that they get to watch EVERY match no matter the kickoff time because Crown & Anchor Pub on Tropicana Avenue never closes! Whether you’re just waking up or stumbling in after a long night, you will find Las Vegas Spurs at this authentic British soccer pub. Viva Las Vegas!

Tottenham Bar In Las Vegas - Crown & Anchor


Tottenham Supporters In New Mexico

New Mexico Spurs

Set up in 2016, this young Tottenham Supporters group continues to attract a growing number of local Tottenham fans, as well as visitors to the land of enchantment. Join them on social media for updates. At the time of writing the group is seeking out a new home due to the closure of Desert Valley Brewing Company.


Tottenham Supporters In New Jersey

Hoboken Spurs

Hoboken Spurs was formed in 2015 and are in the fortunate position of having Mulligan’s on first street as their home bar in the town that brought us Frank Sinatra. Come fly with them for a game at one of the top soccer bars in the United States. The best is yet to come!

Tottenham Bar In Hoboken - Mulligan's

Princeton Spurs

To Dare Is To Do in Princeton, too. Follow this Ivy League Spurs group on Twitter where you can find out where they will be watching the next game. Lately, they’ve been spotted at PJs Pancakes Ewing and Amalfi’s in Lawrenceville.

Tottenham Bar In Princeton - Amalfi's, Lawrenceville


Tottenham Supporters In New York

Here is our guide to all the Spurs bars & supporters clubs in New York


Tottenham Clubs In North Carolina

Charlotte Spurs

What would the most populated city in North Carolina be without a Spurs supporters group? Charlotte Spurs have set up home right in the center of town at the Belfast Mill Irish Pub. This is a great, traditional pub where you can enjoy a fine pint of Guinness and a game of darts – when you’re not watching Spurs, of course.

Tottenham Bar In Charlotte - Belfast Mill

Raleigh Spurs

This popular Tottenham supporters group covering Raleigh and the Triangle Area had to move to a bigger home recently due to their increasing membership. Join them at the One Nine in Cary next time you’re in the Tar Heel State.

Tottenham Bar In Raleigh - The One Nine

Wilmington Spurs

The port city of Wilmington is home to another North Carolina Tottenham group who meet at the Tavern Law sports bar on N 2nd Street for Spurs matches. You can follow them on social media.

Tottenham Bar In Wilmington - Tavern Law


Tottenham Supporters Clubs In Ohio

Find all the Spurs bars & supporters clubs in Ohio right here


Tottenham Supporters In Oklahoma

Oklahoma City Spurs

This is an official Tottenham group who meet to watch games at Skinny Slims sports bar in Bricktown. They have a Facebook group page but no other social media sites at this time.

Tottenham Bar In Oklahoma City - Skinny Slims

Tulsa Spurs

Tulsa Spurs is a small, official group of Spurs fans who meet for games at the Empire Bar on Peoria Ave. Join their Facebook group to find out more.

Tottenham Bar In Tulsa - Empire Bar


Tottenham Supporters Club In Oregon

Portland Spurs

Portland Spurs are the only official Tottenham supporters club in the Beaver State. They were formed in 2012 and meet at The Spare Room on NE 42nd Avenue for Tottenham games – even the 4:30 am ones! Find out more about the group and become a member by visiting the Portland Spurs website.

Tottenham Bar In Portland - The Spare Room


Tottenham Supporters In Pennsylvania

Looking for Spurs supporters in Pennsylvania? Check out our page of supporters clubs and bars.


Tottenham Supporters Club In Rhode Island

RI Spurs

Tottenham are well represented in the nation’s smallest state by RI Spurs. They meet at Craft Burger & Beer in Pawtucket, 5 miles north of Providence.
Sign up with them on Twitter where you can purchase an exclusive club scarf.

Tottenham Bar In Providence - Craft Burgers & Beer


Tottenham Clubs In South Carolina

South Carolina Spurs

Formed back in 2012, this Tottenham supporters group started with six members and now has hundreds of loyal members around the Palmetto State. As a statewide group they don’t have one home bar but stage viewing parties in various cities including Columbia, Charleston and Greenville. Join them on social media to stay informed of the various events.

Upstate SC Spurs

If you live in the Greenville area, or happen to be visiting, you can meet up with this Tottenham group at Community Tap Trailside for a match. You can also follow them on Twitter wherever you happen to be.

Spurs Bar In Greenville - Community Tap Trailside


Tottenham Supporters In Tennessee


Tottenham Supporters In Texas

Looking for a Tottenham supporters club in Texas? See them all here


Tottenham Supporters Clubs In Virginia


Tottenham Club In Washington

Seattle Spurs

Seattle Spurs have been an official club since 2014 and cater to Tottenham fans in the Puget Sound. You’ll find them for every Spurs game, any time of the day or night at Whit’s End Bar in Seattle’s Phinney Ridge neighborhood.

Spurs Bar In Seattle - Whit's End Bar


Tottenham Clubs In Wisconsin

Madison Spurs

Danny’s Pub on Gorham Street is where you’ll find Madison Spurs on a matchday. Join them there for a game and become a member via social media.

Spurs Bar In Madison - Danny's Pub

Milwaukee Spurs

We finish our trip around Spursy America in the great beer-loving city of Milwaukee. Come and sink a pint or two with Milwaukee Spurs at the Red Lion Pub on Tannery Row.

Spurs Bar In Milwaukee - The Red Lion

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