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Tottenham Supporters In Texas

It should come as no surprise that Tottenham supporters are a major presence throughout the expanse of Texas with no less than six supporters groups scattered around the Lone Star State. 

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Tottenham Hotspur Supporters Clubs In Texas

Please let us know of any Spurs clubs in Texas if they are not listed here.

Austin Spurs

You won’t find a more dedicated or hard-working Spurs supporters group than Austin Spurs. Since forming in 2012 they have grown their membership to over 100. They regularly attract large crowds to games at their home base, Mr. Tramps Sports Pub. Come on down for a game where you will be warmly welcomed. You can also follow Austin Spurs on social media.

Spurs bar in Austin – Mr. Tramps
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Dallas Spurs

Since forming in 2013 Dallas Spurs have evolved into one of the largest Supporters Groups in the country. They meet up for every game at The Irishman in North Dallas and have an informative Twitter page.

Spurs bar in Dallas – The Irishman

College Station Spurs

This Eastern Texas town is home to Texas A&M University and, more importantly, College Station Spurs. They don’t have a home to speak of but you can always track them down here.

Spurs bar in College Station – tba

Fort Worth Spurs

This is the official Tottenham group in Fort Worth. Join them at Upper 90 On College to watch Spurs games. You can also follow them here.

Spurs bar in Fort Worth – Upper 90 On College

Houston Spurs

The Pimlico Irish Pub on Waugh Drive offers the best Guinness in town and is home to one of the pioneer supporters groups in Texas – The Houston Spurs. Come down to cheer on the Lilywhites and follow Houston Spurs on social media.

Spurs bar in Houston – Pimlico

San Antonio Spurs

If you think there’s only room in this town for one San Antonio Spurs then you may want to think again. Head down to Dakota Ice House on S Hackberry to cheer on the Spurs (North London variety).

Spurs bar in San Antonio – Dakota Ice House
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