First Touch

The print edition of First Touch soccer fanzine was launched in 1995 in NYC at McCormack’s Pub (now closed) the first of Manhattan’s ‘soccer bars’,. Ten copies were printed on an office photocopier and handed out to the regulars.

pele first touch magazine cover

A quarter-century later when the final weekly edition rolled off the presses in March 2020, First Touch was a full-color tabloid with a circulation in the thousands, and Its closure due to COVID was reported in the New York Times.

Today, First Touch Online continues to grow in popularity as a free mobile app and website. Here are some memories from the ongoing journey of Americas longest-running free soccer publication.

2019-2020 Season

2018-2019 Season

2017-2018 Season

2016-2017 Season

2015-2016 Season

2014-2015 Season

2013-2014 Season

2011-2012 Season (incomplete)

2010-2011 Season (incomplete)

2009-2010 Season (incomplete)

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