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Soccer Betting Terms: An Introduction

Like any niche activity, soccer fans have developed their unique terminology. That especially holds for soccer betting and bettors, who have jargon that people outside their subculture are unlikely to grasp instinctively. Thus, someone experienced in this activity must elaborate on their meaning for lay people, casual fans, and those with no interest in wagering to grasp their meaning. Some of the quirkier ones get explained below. A complete list of sports betting terms is listed on betting guide resource, which applies to various sports.

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Here is what many call the European word for parlay. It is trendy in the UK and means a bet consisting of multiple legs that a gambler must accurately guess to win the whole wager. If one loses, then the entire stake is a losing one. Accumulators are also available for use in live (in-play) betting markets.

Asian Handicap

Originating from Indonesia and gaining traction at the start of the 21st century, this type of spread betting involves teams handicapped by their current run of form. Those who are performing better get obligated to win by more goals for a wager made on them to win.

Banker Bet

A wager laid down on a super-hot favorite, generally on coefficients of 1.4 or lower, are banker picks. They can get placed as singles but are usually part of accumulators and must win for the system to payout.

Double Chance Wager

Backing two outcome possibilities in one event as one bet is what many call a double chance in sports betting.


Bettors win a Draw-No-Bet when the selected team wins the game. If the match ends in a draw, they get their money back. It is a wager category that many love since a tie has no bearing on their gambling activity.

Each-Way Wagering

Each-way betting customarily gets allowed only on horse races and football. Though, concerning the latter, it gets only utilized in outright wagering. That means that each-way betting in football revolves around bookmakers permitting gamblers to wager a team to win a competition and to place at a specific position. That occurs with the same sum of money, meaning bettors make two bets at equal costs. In short, these are two separate bets. For example, one is for a team to win, and the other is for it to end in the top three. Gamblers receive a return on their bet if their selection wins, but also if it places.

European Handicap

Also known as a three-way handicap, this phrase means that gamblers bet on the handicap tie option also. So, they must select the handicap draw option, taking the handicap into account for the final score.

Full-Time Outcome

Overtime and penalty-produced outcomes do not factor in when it comes to full-time markets. In these, only the results active after the final whistle following ninety minutes of action matter.

In-Play Gambling

Even individuals with no gambling knowledge likely have heard of in-play betting, which is a fancy way to say live wagering. It is the practice of making bets on transpiring events and has become super-established at online sportsbooks in the past decade. That is so, primarily thanks to the rise of platforms that stream games for their users.

Outright Betting

Outright betting got mentioned in the subheading that defined each-way wagering. It also gets referred to as futures betting in the US, and it simply means making a bet on an outcome of a competition, such as the World Cup or the English Premier League. In these cases, bettors are betting on a team to lift the trophy at the end of the contest or one placing in a specific spot. Regarding the latter, a good example would be wagering that a team would be in the batch of clubs eligible for playing in Europe\’s Champions League at the end of the season.

Scorecast Betting

Similar to a double, this is a wager made on a football game and is two bets rolled into one. It can be a gambler guessing the final score and the initial goal scorer together. Note that score cast wagers must be placed on distinct markets, ones not listed as the correct score, and the first goalscorer double.

Team to Go Through

Instead of picking what team will win the game, gamblers often have the option of predicting what team will advance through the competition. Seeing as games usually get played via two legs in European tournaments. A team can lose a match but still advance. Hence, this is a wager on which team will move successfully through a stage or a duel in a competition.


Guessing both teams to triumph and choosing a player to score during the game at any time is wincast wagering. Naturally, the odds in play here are lower than in the all-time goalscorer and to-win markets.

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