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Top Soccer Card Games You Can Play Online

Card games have been a beloved sport for centuries. Historians generally believe they originated in China around the 10th century before first reaching Spain or Italy in the 1370s. And as the internet becomes more available globally, card games have taken on a whole new format online. You can play your favorite games on any device against any player anywhere in the world. Even more exciting, card game developers continually collaborate with other genre creators to expand the card gaming world. Most recently, a clash of card games and soccer originated an entirely new gaming category – online soccer card games. Here is a look at five titles dominating this genre. 

globe logo Top Stars: Football Match!

Top Stars: Football Match is a strategy card game that allows you to create a competing team from all the players in the world’s best leagues. Once you have a winning team, you can compete in the Champions League, La Liga, and the English Premier League (EPL) against players from teams like Arsenal, Chelsea, and other soccer clubs. The goal is to beat your competitors and win packages that allow you to improve your team and your players’ skills. As you rack up wins, you can compete in higher divisions until you become the best manager. You can also collect coins and swap your players, balancing strengths and weaknesses to create the most formidable team. The players’ abilities are similar to those in actual soccer.  

 LaLiga Top Cards 2020

LaLiga Top Cards 2020 is a collectible soccer card game that – like Top Stars: Football Match – allows you to create a winning team from various players. However, your pickings are limited to the Spanish League. This means you can only collect cards of LaLiga football players. Consequently, there is a more limited play range that you and your opponents can play. These play ranges work much like poker ranges – which you can learn more about here – in that you have pretty much the same card to choose from, and your winging odds rely on strategy. You have to balance the strengths and weaknesses of different players to create a winning card combination.

 FIFA World Cup 2018 Card Game

Another collectible soccer card game, FIFA World Cup 2018 Card Game, has a bonus feature that allows you to trade your cards. The roster draws from all the world’s top players, including both recent stars and footballers from the last four decades. The trading pool is also open to players from different countries, and you can trade your cards for better cards. Even better, you can participate in rare card auctions and build a valuable collection.

 KICK: Football Card Trader

KICK: Football Card Trader works much like the FIFA World Cup 2018 Card Game, only new cards are added daily. Additionally, you can do more than trade with your cards – you can compete against other players. These matches are live, so you need to be ready with a strategy before you hit play. The more you win, the higher you go on the leaderboard.

 NFL Blitz

NFL Blitz combines the excitement of trading and collecting to make the ultimate soccer card game. Players can collect licensed player cards complete with autographs for later trading. Essentially, you can trade your cards for other playing cards or for in-game perks that help you boost your team. You can also try the training mode if you are new to soccer card games. 


Online soccer card games are an excellent way to leverage your card skills against your knowledge of soccer and create winning combinations. They give you a platform to play manager and gather the best players the world has to offer to compete against friends and strangers alike. If you are new to the genre, these five titles will make a fun entry point into the world of online soccer card games.

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