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Arsenal Supporters In North Carolina

North Carolina is Gooner Country. So come and join us on a journey around the many Arsenal supporters clubs in North Carolina. Find the Gooners bars and meet other Arsenal fans wherever you are in the State.

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Arsenal Supporters Clubs In North Carolina

Cape Fear Gooners

North Carolina certainly is a red State, with no fewer than seven Arsenal supporters groups in its confines. First, we have the Cape Fear Gooners (yes, that one). This official Arsenal group are a small but dedicated bunch. The Harp in Wilmington is their home pub on the Atlantic coast.

Arsenal Bar in Wilmington – The Harp Irish Pub

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Bull City Gooners

The next three Arsenal supporters clubs in North Carolina are all within 50 miles of each other. These Gooner bars form a trifecta known as the Triangle. Starting at the top of the Triangle in Durham we have the Bull City Gooners. Their Twitter page is closed but you can follow them on Facebook and their website. Bull McCabes on the high Street has been the Arsenal pub in Durham since 2012. Fortunately the bar has an outside patio large enough to accommodate the hoardes of Gooners who show up for those sunny game days.

Arsenal Bar in Durham – Bull McCabes

The Sandhills Gooners

The next of the North Carolina triangle Gooner groups are in Sanford,. The Sandhills Gooners have also closed their Twitter page. The Arsenal pub of choice in these parts is The Karma, which doesn’t appear to sell alcohol. Moving swiftly on…

Arsenal Bar in Sanford – Karma Boutique & Coffee Bar

Oak City Arsenal

Lastly, the third corner of The Triangle you’ll find Oak City Arsenal, They meet up for games at the London Bridge in downtown Raleigh, a great old-style British pub.

Arsenal Bar in Raleigh – London Bridge Pub

Find out more about the Triangle Gooners in this great little documentary.

Queen City Gooners

Down in Charlotte where the Carolinas meet, the Queen City Gooners reign supreme. They offer a nice membership pack that includes some very cool merchandise. This group formed in 2011 and a healthy number now watch Arsenal matches at Dilworth Neighborhood Grille. Also of note, Charlotte is also the home of a new MLS franchise, Charlotte FC.

Arsenal Bar in Charlotte – Dilworth Neighborhood Grille 

Ashville Armoury

If you’re looking for some red action in the Blue Ridge mountains, the Ashville Arsenal supporters in North Carolina’s High Country watch their games at a great English pub dedicated to showing soccer called The Olde London Road. Why not drop in for an apres ski Arsenal match?

Arsenal Bar in Ashville – Olde London Road

Camel City Gooners

Last but not least, our final North Carolina stop is in Winston-Salem, home of the Camel City Gooners, Unfortunately, the nickname refers to the cigarettes, but we won’t get the hump about that. The club was formed in 2013 and they watch Arsenal at the Small Batch Beer Company on West 5th Street in downtown Salem.

Arsenal Bar in Winston-Salem – Small Batch Beer Company

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