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Are live scores websites still relevant?

Football is one of those sports that, irrespective of your location or age, always thrives. The population of people who watch the beautiful game increases daily with the sport introducing new thrills and memorable moments as it evolves. While some prefer to follow football on cable TV, some love to stream online, while others would rather follow the currently available tons of websites for football stats – live scores websites.

Are live scores websites still relevant in 2021?

soccer bar NYC globeNow, with the prevalence of sports streaming platforms, especially with the emergence of the covid 19 pandemic, are these platforms fast replacing the need for live score websites? I mean, why would anyone decide to follow the beautiful game on an interface that only displays figures when you can watch the real thing live?

Relevance of live scores websites

Yes, they are, and they will remain so, even for years to come. These websites offer a vast range of benefits that the average sports fan might not be able to access via streaming or physical spectating.

Benefits of live scores websites
  • Cost-effectiveness: One of the most significant benefits live scores websites guarantee is that while you can follow any game events at the comfort of your home, you also get to save a sizable amount of money – in the form of data. As such, you can invest your financial resources or data on other profitable ventures. If you don’t have the luxury of sitting in front of a screen to watch a 90 minutes football match, then scrolling through the live updates on your sofa should suffice. Besides, with a live score website like, you also get to access a reasonable range of matches with real-time updates. In other words, you are killing multiple birds with just a stone.
  • Time-saving: the world is evolving, things are changing, and some overwhelming activities keep finding their way into our daily lives. All these sometimes make us feel like 24 hours isn’t enough for a day. If you want to enjoy the sporting world as well as your personal life while saving a considerable amount of time, watching live scores online can be of help. You can follow the updates anywhere – restaurants, workplace, etc. without sacrificing any of your daily routines.
  • Access to more information: Online live score websites provide you with live score updates as well as other critical and detailed stats about the game for various teams or leagues. You get to see the player’s stats, their XG (Expected goals), assists, goals, and even the tiniest details you might miss by watching the match via streaming or on cable TV.
  • New tournaments update: these websites keep you updated about even the most recent tournaments and even competitions you’ve probably never heard of. AFC is one tournament most football clubs do not even know of its existence. However, with these platforms, you can access more information about this league, as well as other relatively unknown ones

Final thoughts: are live scores websites still relevant?

All these benefits indicate that while the sports industry now has a range of options to access live matches, live score websites can still offer diverse benefits for spectators. With these websites, you can access real-time score updates as well as other necessary information about sports tournaments.

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