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1xBet Affiliate partnerships

If you have your own website, blog, YouTube channel or community in social networks, they can bring a stable high income. To do this, you can join betting affiliate partnership of 1xBet applying through its website for the affiliates. According to the terms of the program,  to be a 1xBet Affiliate you need to talk about the products of the bookmaker, including:

  • bonuses for registration;

  • new promotions and loyalty program;

  • campaigns dedicate to some sporting event;

  • useful options from the bookmaker!

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The company itself provides the necessary materials. You only need to present them in a way that makes the user want to go to the site and try out all the chips listed. In addition, you will have unique promo codes and referral links. And the number of their use and transitions is taken into account in the personal statistics, which is placed on the site.

For each player you will get up to 15% of the funds, which the office receives. The affiliate partnership of 1xBet betting site with each partner is individual, so the income level is constantly reviewed. In some cases, it comes to 40%. There is no activation fee or long-term participation in the program, the referred punters are assigned to you forever.

Tips for attracting traffic to the partner’s website

Not all those who visit a site such as Zodiac Casino are aiming to purchase of the affiliate product, that is betting in this case, on the contrary, to be honest it is usually a minority. For this reason, it is necessary to increase the number of visitors. The large numbers can be used as an adequate base for being accepted as an affiliate, and make sure that the smaller number of people decide to start the desired operation.

To do this, in particular, it is necessary to offer high-level content and meet the SEO principles, that is, able to climb the positions in search engines such as Google, in order to appear in the first page of results. Of course, in addition to the quantity, the quality of the traffic that you bring to a website is fundamental, which must be targeted and potentially interested in the betting services.


All the brands work hard to make sure, that each new visitor will place a bet. That is why, for example, Zodiac Casino has a lot of pop-up windows with special bonuses and offers, that catch the eye. This way when a person enters the website, they can find beneficial options placing bets and playing online gambling games.

However, it must be stressed that getting significant results in terms of SEO involves months of hard work. Such a strategy should be complemented by another tool, namely one or more paid campaigns on social media such as Facebook or Google Adwords. Ad campaigns are in fact considered a great way to search for new users, as well as boasting a performance that will repay the investment, even if it is not particularly high.

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