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Who’ll Win the World Cup in Qatar?

When it comes to the thrilling world of international football, it’s fair to say that it’s anyone’s game. With top-tier teams going head to head at the World Cup in Qatar, in adrenaline inducing and intensely enthralling action, calling the winner ahead of time is a nigh-on impossible task.

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Who’s Most Likely to Win the World Cup in Qatar in 2022?

And yet it’s one that we’ve decided to take on. Here are our predictions for Qatar 2022, from favourites to outsiders, underdogs, and the latest odds.


As reigning champions, France seem like a natural choice to take the title again, and it’s true that their squad features some of the best players in the world today. Indeed, many of these were also members in 2018, when they walked away with eventual victory. As well as stalwarts like Pogba, Mbappe, and Griezmann, they have some exciting younger players rising through the ranks too, who are sure to enhance their game even further. Current odds put them at around 7/1 for going home with the cup.


Following hot on the heels of France is the Brazilian national team. Having taken the title on five previous occasions, they have a history of winning and a little-hidden desire to do so again. While it’s been two decades since their last triumph, 2022 could put an end to their losing streak, as they are expected to come in with a strong team and some fantastic recent performances. Alisson, Richarlison, and Coutinho could prove particularly important on the field, with up-and-coming players such as Vinicius Jr. and Martinelli also having a lot of potential.


Germany are another European heavyweight to make note of. Having been awarded healthy 8/1 odds by a number of bookies, they previously claimed victory in 2014, and have something to prove after their embarrassing elimination at the group stage last time around. This is a mistake they’ll no doubt be hoping to put right, and they have plenty of talented young players to help them do that.


Like Germany, Spain also put in an uncharacteristically poor performance the last time around, which means they’re unlikely to make the same mistake a second time. This will most likely prompt them to be much better prepared in the lead-up to Qatar, although who will shine on the field is still up for debate. That’s because a lot of the country’s more experienced players are likely to have either moved on or retired by 2022, leaving the field open for any young blood hoping to make waves.


Last but not least, England also need to be included on this list. For those interested in international football betting, an article on bet365 titled “Southgate doesn’t understand international critics”, recently gave them 8/1 odds of triumphing in Qatar. Certainly, their previous performance was nothing to be ashamed of, coming in a highly respectable fourth. If they can consolidate what they did well and identify and improve on their weaknesses, they certainly have some pretty capable players representing them, from Alexander-Arnold to Sterling and Sancho.

Who’s your money on when it comes to choosing a victor for Qatar 2022?

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