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Where is Slots Gambling Illegal?

The gambling industry is two things for economies around the world: highly profitable and highly problematic when it comes to problem gambling. So, it’s governments’ responsibility across the world to strike a balance between these two and as you will see, not all take the same approach – with many countries banning not only
Winorama slots but all forms of gambling! Here are just some of the countries which made gambling completely illegal. 

soccer bar NYC globeCambodia 

Cambodia has suffered greatly throughout its history with problem gambling and as a result, has banned all gambling in 1996 through The Suppression of Gambling Act apart from certain private lotteries. However, if you’re a tourist and not a resident or citizen of Cambodia, you will be permitted to gambling in a dedicated tourist casino as this benefits the country’s economy.  

North Korea 

It may not come as much of a surprise that North Korea is on the list of countries which completely forbids gambling of any kind if you are a citizen of North Korea and the government strictly controls the Internet so online gambling is not possible. However, like Cambodia, tourists are permitted to gamble but only in the one casino in North Korea in Pyongyang. 

United Arab Emirates 

Religion is a huge factor when it comes to a country’s stance on gambling as many religions forbid gambling or have been interpreted to discourage gambling.

This is the case in the majority of Islamic countries which ban gambling in any form. However, some countries like Turkey who are more accommodating and adoptive of Westernised cultures do permit some gambling. However, in the United Arab Emirates, all gambling both online and offline is illegal and anyone found gambling can serve time in prison. 


Qatar is one of the strictest countries when it comes to slots gambling and gambling overall as every form of gambling is forbidden including slots and even sports betting.  

As with many countries which enforce strict laws on people’s social freedoms this has led to illegal gambling industries which is not only unsafe and unfair for players as there is no regulated body to protect players but players can also be prosecuted.


Until very recently, most forms of gambling were banned in Japan, however, sports betting including horse racing following the Integrated Resort Programme Law of 2016 is now legal in land-based casinos. Some gambling activities can take place in land-based casinos but this is strictly screened and regulated and limited to tourist resorts and entertainment complexes. However, playing slots online or any other casinos games like poker or blackjack is still illegal in Japan.   


Gambling is any kind is illegal in Lebanon and the government has the ability to completely block all forms of online gambling. However, there is one place that players are permitted to gamble and this is at the Casino du Liban in Jounieh which gives tourists the ability to freely gamble.

There is also a famous casino ship which takes players on a cruise to international waters where gambling laws do not apply so they can gamble online and offline without penalty.

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