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The Greatest MLS Jersey Sponsors

One thing that sets MLS apart from other sports leagues in the U.S. is the use of sponsors emblazoned across the front of the jerseys. It’s a striking look that was inspired by across the pond where it is expected of teams to have a company logo or name slapped across the design.

It’s unsure exactly when or where the practice first originated but it is now woven into the fabric of modern-day soccer and has advanced to even some jersey sleeves gaining their own sponsors.

But just like anything, there are bad jersey sponsors that look terrible and good ones that make the design a classic. Here then is a quick look at some of the greatest MLS jersey sponsors.

Red Bull in New York

If there’s one thing that the company Red Bull has going for it, except its domination of the energy drink market that is, it’s a great logo. The famous red charging bulls set against the bright yellow orb is a mastery of design. There’s no surprise then that when Red Bull took over an entire soccer franchise to make them become the New York Red Bulls, as soon as they could they slapped that logo front and centre on the jerseys. And, of course, it looks fantastic.

Their fans will be hoping that this time, the Red Bull logo manages to fly them further towards success, and that the club will do even better than last season.

Simplistic Sponsorship in Washington

When it comes to jersey shirt sponsorship, lots of people make the mistake of thinking the flashier the better. The jersey of D.C. United is proof that actually, sometimes the simplest design is the most pleasing on the eye. The Washington team are sponsored by the engineering company Leidos, and the logo is just the company’s name written in a pleasing and stylish font. It really sets off the brilliant white of the jerseys and is a classic combination.

wayne rooney

The Leidos sponsorship is due to run out this year though, so D.C. could find themselves soon adorned with a more garish symbol. It could be that their new sleeve sponsor, the Las Vegas casino company Caesars Entertainment might take over on the front of the jersey.

Now that Caesars Entertainment have sponsored the sleeves of D.C. United it sets an exciting precedent for more and more casinos to start sponsoring jerseys. Will we soon see an Atlantic City establishment adorned across a team? With so many online casino New Jersey it seems likely that one will step up to the plate.

Long-Lasting Design in Los Angeles

soccer jersey

Now this is perhaps the most famous of all MLS jersey sponsors. The highly successful LA Galaxy teamed up with nutritional supplement maker Herbalife way back in 2007. This just happened to be the year that a certain David Beckham signed for the club and suddenly soccer fans from around the world clamoured to get their hands on the jersey.

Since then, the Herbalife logo has undergone a few slight design remakes, but each one has been effortlessly classy. With the club being so successful on the pitch in all those years, it has allowed even more talented players to slip into the stylish kit.

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