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Top 5 Hobbies of Soccer Players

Playing professional soccer is a dream job for many. However, while playing soccer, earning vast amounts of money, winning trophies, and having lots of fun at late-night parties sounds amazing, many players find themselves getting bored, particularly when the season ends.

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Thankfully, most soccer stars manage to overcome their boredom by filling their time with their favorite hobbies. And while some soccer players have quite normal hobbies, others like to think a bit more outside the box. In fact, you might be surprised at just how different some of their hobbies are.

If you want to know more about soccer players’ hobbies, keep reading below. We’ve made a list of some of their most popular hobbies:

The Top 5 Hobbies of Soccer Players Revealed

Playing Games

Perhaps the most popular hobby of professional soccer players is playing video games. In fact, a considerable number of soccer players are obsessed with playing video games. But which games do they enjoy playing the most? It is believed that FIFA is one of their favourite video game choices. However, this isn’t the only game they enjoy. Another hugely popular choice of video games is Fortnite.

As well as this, many footballers enjoy playing their favorite casino games at online casinos, such as the ones listed at But why do so many soccer players enjoy playing casino games? There are, in fact, several reasons why casino-style games are so popular. Not only can they help players switch off and think about something other than soccer, but research suggests that they can also help keep the mind sharp.


When we think of soccer players and their exercise regime, we rarely think of them participating in yoga. However, it is an excellent hobby for them as yoga has many benefits. Not only can yoga help improve their body, but it can also help improve their mind and mental state. A calm and composed mind is something all soccer players need before going onto the pitch.


You might not be aware of just how popular bingo is with soccer players. Portuguese player and soccer legend Cristiano Ronaldo is just one example of a soccer player who loves this game. It is thought that Ronaldo first developed his love of bingo back in the early 2000s when he received a Bingo DVD as a Christmas present. He said he enjoys the excitement of waiting for one number to complete his sheet.


Like most of us, soccer players love to relax after a long day by reading a book. There are many reasons for this. Not only can it help to inform and educate them, but it can also allow them to see the world from another person’s perspective. As well as this, it’s also a hobby that doesn’t require specialist skills.


Another hobby you wouldn’t usually associate with soccer players is baking. However, a fair few soccer players are believed to enjoy cooking up a storm in the kitchen, including Germany’s Morris Voltz, who has even gone as far as to create his own cooking blog in which he posts pictures of his makes and puts up recipes for others to try.

Many people are surprised to discover that in between attending matches and hectic training sessions, soccer players also have ordinary lives, just like you and me. In fact, research suggests that most soccer players spend their free time doing anything but playing soccer. From spending their well-earned money in online casinos to playing bingo, soccer players enjoy many hobbies.

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