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The Best Players from Egypt in 2021

Although Egyptian football league is not among the most popular ones, there are a few outstanding Egyptian footballers playing in other countries across the globe. 

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The annual Egypt Premier League consists of 18 clubs who compete from August to May of the following year, playing a total of 34 matches. For the convenience of tracking, the website online football updated the full schedule, standings as well as track the latest results and scores. The website also provides links to follow matches around the world from the Egyptian Premier League, to the Premier League, C1, LaLiga, …

In this article, we will list the best soccer players from Egypt in 2020 who are currently among the best players in the world of football.

#1: Mohamed Salah

There is no doubt that Salah is the most famous and talented Egyptian player in the Premier League. During his career, he has been playing for top clubs like AS Roma, Chelsea and Liverpool. Only since Salah moved to Anfield, we have seen his incredible goal scoring talent.

As a matter of fact, the number of goals that Salah has scored for Liverpool (71 goals)  is more than a half of the total amount of goals (128 goals) at club level in his career.

Maybe he plays for Liverpool when he is at his peak, or maybe because he has a better environment to shine at the club. Either way, no one can deny that he is an amazing player for the Reds with 71 goals in 101 matches. The 28 year old footballer deserves to be the number one on the list of the best soccer players from Egypt in 2020.

Not only is he an important figure for the club, but he is also one of the best players in the history of the Premier League. He has collected a few individual honors in the league, including the Premier League Player of the Month. He also has the most goals in the first 100 Premier League appearances in the history of Liverpool.

When it comes to the national team, Salah has had 67 appearances for the team since 2011 in which he has scored 41 goals. He is also the number 1 Egyptian player who has the most goals scored in Serie A history. With his talent, he is going to break more records in the future.

#2: Trezeguet

Yes, you might be thinking of the great former French footballer, David Trezeguet. However, he has already retired from professional football for a long time. We are talking about one of the best soccer players from Egypt in 2020 whose  real name is Mahmoud Ahmed Ibrahim Hassan.

The reason why he was nicknamed Trezeguet is because of his play style. Many people agree that it is similar to David Trezeguet’s play style.

Trezeguet currently plays for Aston Villa, one of the top clubs in the Premier League. But earlier in his career, he spent most of the time with Al Ahly-an Egyptian club. And obviously even the top league in Egypt was not big enough for Trezeguet. So in 2015, the 26-year-old midfielder joined Belgian club, Anderlecht on a €1 million loan. 

Ever since he started his career in 2012, Trezeguet has been an important element of the Egyptian national teams. For the senior national team, he has scored 6 goals and won the Egyptian Premier League title in the 2013-14 season.

#3: Mohamed Elneny

Just like Trezeguet, Mohamed Elneny also grew up with Al Ahly. He is 28 this year, but has been playing football since 1997 with the club. His big time didn’t come until 2010 when he moved to the Premier League and played for Arsenal. The fee was reported to be between €5.4 to €8.1 million.

His first goal for the club was in the Champions League Round of 16 against Barcelona. Although they lost, he still became the Player of the Month of the club in that month and again the next month when he had amazing performances at the club along with Aaron Ramsey. 

Besides, the midfielder also collected four Swiss Super League titles continuously with the top Swiss club, Basel. Not to mention, he lifted one FA Cup and one FA Community Shield trophy with Arsenal. With all of those records, he should be one of the best soccer players from Egypt in 2020.

#4: Ahmed Elmohamady

Aston Villa soccer bars new yorkAhmed Elmohamady is 32 years old this year, but the Egyptian defender who is 183 cm tall is still considered as a great Egyptian player in 2020.

Having spent more than 10 years playing professional football for English clubs, including Sunderland, Hull City and then Aston Villa, he has a lot of experiences at club level. Despite being a defender, Elmohamady has been successful at scoring as well. The number of goals is not very impressive, 9 goals in 168 matches, but it shows that he is good at both attacking and defending. 

In addition, he has scored 6 goals for the Egyptian national team since he joined in 2007 and has made 91 appearances for them.

Regarding his achievement, Elmohamady has won the Africa Cup of Nations twice with the Egyptian national team. Besides, he also collected the Hull City Player of the Year award in the 2012-13 season. That’s why he holds a position in this list.  

#5: Ramadan Sobhi

The young player Ramadan Sobhi is currently playing for the Egyptian club Pyramids. Although Sobhi started his career with Al Ahly and spent his first 11 years with the club, he moved to other clubs such as Stoke City and Huddersfield Town before returning to the club on loan from Huddersfield Town in 2019.

He is also described as another version of the great Egyptian footballer – Mohamed Aboutrika due to his play style. Besides, not only is Ramadan Sobhi an excellent winger,  but he is also capable of playing as an attacking midfielder and striker.

The young and tall winger should have a very promising career with his talent. In the Egyptian Premier League, he helped Al Ahly to win three titles as well as three Egyptian Super Cup trophies. In addition, he also collected one CAF Federation Cup with Ah Ahly in 2014.

However, he failed to deliver a great performance in the Premier League when he played for Stoke City from 2016 to 2018. Follow the Egyptian Premier League tournament schedule here.

Obviously he is a member of the Egyptian national teams. At a young age, he still has plenty of time to practice and improve his skills. Fans can look forward to his better performances over the years. As he gets more experiences, he might come back to compete in the top European leagues soon.

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