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Sport On Hold In The Time Of Covid

There is simply no getting around the fact that COVID has affected people, sport, businesses, and entire industries in a variety of ways. It has impacted everything that it has come into contact with and will likely continue to do so until there is a vaccine.

Heck, even once there is a vaccine, the effects that have already taken place will likely remain in place. Regardless of all this, two of the biggest industries that have been impacted by this pandemic are real-life sports and gaming.

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While the effects have been different, to say the least, there is no denying that it has made major impacts on both. It has had a negative impact on real-life sports, forcing them to shut down for long periods and play in front of fan-less crowds, while it has had a much different effect on gaming and e-sports, a much more positive effect.

Existing Trends Carry Over

While sports are starting to make a comeback now, there was a long period there when certain sports were closed down. Some sports are still in negotiation as to how to get back up and running, but a majority of them are now back in the rotation. The major difference is that there are no fans involved, as they are simply not allowed in the stadium.

This creates a totally different environment, to say the least, but what’s important to know is what happened when real-life sports were out. During their absence, fans started gravitating towards betting on automated matches and players. That’s right, betting on games and players in real-life sports was already a major trend before the pandemic hit.

Well, it continued to be a major trend after the pandemic hit and forced the sports world into hibernation. The only difference was that the trend carried over into the virtual world. As real-life sports start to make a comeback and betting is rolling again, fans are still partaking in their virtual proclivities.

States Have Embraced It

It is no big secret that a lot of states are struggling financially because of this pandemic. Sports betting was a huge tax revenue for a lot of states. This is why they legalized the practice in the first place. With the financial struggle, a lot of lobbyists believe that more states and governments will embrace betting on e-sports with quality sites like bandarq.

This is completely understandable, as it’ll generate an entirely new tax stream. It’ll still provide an additional tax stream once real-life sports betting gets back into rotation.

In Nevada, the next crucial step for e-sports betting would be regulatory approval for betting on e-sport’s leagues. Right now fans can partake, but it is on more of a case to case basis. If entire leagues get approved, fans will be able to bet freely across a variety of platforms.

The Bonuses And Rewards Systems

If online gambling is known for anything it has got to be its reward system and bonuses. The online sports betting world is in a unique position to offer sign up, welcome, no deposit, and other types of bonuses for gamblers, whereas the sports betting world doesn’t necessarily offer these things. These bonuses and reward systems are pretty much a major incentive for anyone interested in betting on e-sports and will likely continue to be so, as providers continue to compete for customers.

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