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4 Popular Themes for Online Games

Slot machines have always served as the backbone of the casino industry and even today, with the advent of online gaming, they remain top of the pile. But with increased competition from all manner of games, activities and operators, slot game developers have had to be ever more inventive and creative with their titles.

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Soccer & Beyond – 4 Popular Themes for Online Games

One effective way in which they have sought to retain and grow their customer basis is through themed games. By linking the slot back to another activity or item that has a large following in mainstream culture, the developers can leverage access and create a connection with their fan base via another way. Here are some of the most popular themes today.


Given that soccer is the most popular sport on the planet, it’s no surprise that there are a whole host of slots which base their gameplay and graphics on the beautiful game. A cursory Google search for a soccer slot will turn up umpteen titles, so fans of the sport won’t go without – but the sporting themes aren’t limited to soccer alone. Indeed, these days you can find a slot game based on all kinds of pastimes, from baseball to rugby to tennis to fly fishing! That latter hobby seems to enjoy particular esteem, with perhaps more slots devoted it to than any other sport.


Who doesn’t love a good gameshow? Whether it’s a question-and-answer format or a contest based more on luck or even skill, there’s nothing like watching competitors aim to take away the top prize… so it’s only logical that it would be even more fun if you were in the driving seat. Online games based around this particular theme – such as the best live game shows now on Bitcasino – recreate the same rules and environment as the TV show but open up the possibility of striking it lucky to everyone.

TV series

We are now well and truly in the age of streaming, as traditional TV packages are losing more and more ground to their streaming counterparts. However, one thing has stayed the same throughout – the demand for high-quality series. Savvy slots developers are well aware of this and as a result, they leverage the popularity of cult classics like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, family favorites such as The Simpsons and hot new property like Game of Thrones to reach out to new audiences.


Those who don’t learn from the mistakes of the past are doomed to repeat them… which is why history is such a rich source of inspiration for game developers! Whether it’s Ancient Egypt, Greece or Rome, there are countless titles which capture the prestige of those bygone days, imbuing their slots with the same gravitas and grandeur. Some of them even contain actual historical figures from days gone by, adding an extra element of intrigue to the game.

In a bid to attract consumers from all walks of life, the developers of online games now offer themed titles which tie into a whole host of subjects, from sports and cinema to TV and history.

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