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Manchester United Supporters Clubs USA

This is the ultimate guide to Manchester United supporters clubs in the USA. Man United are arguably the most famous football team on the planet. Their global reach is second to none, with fanatical support in all continents. If you are a USA-based Man U fan or a visiting Red, we’ve put together this guide to all the USA Man Utd supporters clubs to help you find other Red Devils fans in the States. Looking for Man Utd bars in your city or State? This page points you to all the Man Utd pubs in America. So have one on us!

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Do you know of any Man Utd supporters clubs, or Man Utd bars in the USA that are not listed here? Or maybe you’d like to add some info. We would love to hear from you.

Guide To Man Utd Supporters
In The USA

One United USA

One United is the flagship Man Utd supporters club in America. Under the diligent stewardship of Pete Holland, One United USA, has expanded from New York to over 25 States.

A cool advantage of joining One United is that they organize trips to Old Trafford and can also help with securing match tickets and various discounts for members. But if you’re looking to open a checking account, that’s One United Bank you’ll be after.

manchester united fans in new york
Manchester United fans gather for a One United event in New York City

Man United Clubs In Alabama

Manchester United Supporters Of Birmingham

There are a pair of official Manchester United fan groups in the small State of Alabama. Sadly the long-time home of the Birmingham chapterThe Little London, closed its doors for good in 2022. The city also recently lost its status as the second largest in the State. With everything shrinking and disappearing around them, the club has held strong and has been meeting up for games more recently at Hop City Craft Beer and Wine.

Man Utd bar in Birmingham - Hop City

Mobile Reds

The more succinctly named Mobile Reds complete the Alabama 2. They are a small but hardy group of Red Devils in one of the reddest of States. If you’re in Mobile to visit relatives or complete your bucket list, head to O’Daly’s Irish Pub where you can watch United and drink discounted ‘Car Bombs’ to your heart’s content – or until it tells you to stop.

Man Utd bar in Mobile - O'Daly's

Man United Supporters In Arizona

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Phoenix Red Devils

The Phoenix Red Devils are based at the long-established British Pub, The George & Dragon. There’s an interesting backstory to this pub. Opened in 1995 by ex-pat David Wimberley, by 2016 the pub and owner were struggling and became the focus of a reality TV show called Bar Rescue. The show does what it says on the tin and attempts to turn around the fortunes of ailing bars and Restaurants – much in the style of Gordon Ramsey, but with less swearing. On this occasion the team was successful, and both pub and owner are doing well as of the time of writing.

As for the Devils themselves, they appear to be keeping a low profile as their social media looks to have died on the vine.

Manchester Utd bar in Phoenix - George & Dragon

Man United Supporters In California

Man United Supporters In Colorado

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Denver Reds

The Man Utd fans in Denver aren’t very active on social media but you can always head downtown to The British Bulldog if you want to watch Man U with your fellow supporters. You can even pick up a Denver Reds scarf there if they haven’t sold out.

Manchester Utd bar in Denver - British Bulldog

Man United Supporters In D.C.

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Red Devils DC

Man Utd fans in the nation’s Capital are well catered for at the spacious Solace Outpost in Navy Yard where you can enjoy the football along with great views of the Anacostia River. The Red Devils DC service the entire DMV area (DC, Maryland, and Virginia). Join their Facebook group to find out more.

Manchester Utd bar in DC - Solace Outpost

Man United Supporters In Florida

Visit this page to find all the Man Utd supporters clubs and bars in Florida 

Man United Supporters In Georgia

Manchester United Supporters Of Atlanta

The Brewhouse in Atlanta has been on the First Touch soccer bar radar since it opened in 1997. It is simply one of the most committed soccer pubs in the USA. You can find the Atlanta Man Utd fans there any time there is a game on.

Manchester Utd bar in Atlanta - Brewhouse Cafe

Man United Supporters In Illinois


MUFChicago’s slogan is Bringing A Little Bit of The Stretford End to the Windy City. They’ve been doing precisely that at various locations since 2005, and also through their podcast called Champagne Reds. They also have a very impressive range of unique apparel on offer on their website. The club now meets downtown at Fado Irish Pub on W Grand, a couple of blocks from Grand subway station. It’s a grand place to be whenever United are playing.

Manchester Utd bar in Chicago - Fado Irish Pub

Man United Supporters In Indiana

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MUFC Indy only became an official Man U supporters club in 2021. The club is free to join for anybody living in the State and they watch United at The Chatham Tap, one of the best soccer bars in the United States. You can find out more about MUFC Indy on their website where they also offer an impressive selection of magnets.

Manchester Utd bar in Indianapolis - Chatham Tap

Indy Man Utd

The longest running in Indiana and one of the largest in the Mid West meet at The Union Jack British Pub. You can follow Indy Man Utd on social media.

Man Utd bar in Indianapolis - Union Jack Pub

Man United Supporters Clubs In Iowa

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Red Devils Iowa City

There are not one, but two Manchester United clubs in the small State of Iowa. The Red Devils of Iowa City watch United games at the 2 Dogs Pub on the East Side. This place is a long-time favorite with soccer fans in Iowa.

Man Utd bar in Iowa City - 2 Dogs Pub

Red Devils Des Moines

A short drive west of Iowa City brings you to the Capital of Des Moines, where you will find the newer of the two Iowa clubs. Red Devils Des Moines meet downtown at The Royal Mile British pub for all United matches.

Man Utd bar in Des Moines - Royal Mile

Man United Supporters In Kentucky

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Derby City Red Devils

This is an unofficial Manchester United club, but we don’t care. First Touch is an equal opportunities soccer publication. Where ever United fans gather is good enough for us. In Louisville, they come together at Molly Malone’s (the Highland location, not the other one).

Man Utd bar in Louisville - Molly Malones

Man United Supporters In Maryland

Charm City Reds

The Charm City Reds are an official Man Utd supporters group that started in 2010 with a few hardy souls. This nomadic Baltimore tribe finally found a pub to call home at Todd Conner’s in Fells Point. You’ll recognize it by the Reds flag flying high outside the bar.

Man Utd bar in Baltimore - Todd Conner's

Man Utd Supporters In Massachusetts

Man Utd Boston

The Man Utd pub in Boston, McGann’s, unfortunately, shut its doors for good recently, a worrying trend in these difficult times. The Boston Reds have now relocated to The Dubliner which claims to be the most Irish pub in Boston. The gauntlet has been thrown down!

Man Utd bar in Boston - The Dubliner

Man Utd Supporters In Michigan

Detroit Red Devils

Detroit and Manchester have much in common. Industrial, Northern cities with an incredible musical history and an exciting future. If you haven’t been to the Motor City we highly recommend a visit. The official Man U supporters group in Detroit have recently watched games at The Loaded Dice Brewery and Thomas Magee’s but, confusingly, their official home on One United is still listed as The Dow, a money-themed bar in the suburbs. But let’s not panic in Detroit. We suggest you call ahead!

Man U Bar In Detroit - Loaded Dice Brewery

Man Utd Supporters In Minnesota

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Minnesota Reds

The Minnesota Reds are the official Man U club in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. They keep their Facebook page bang up to date with game information and event announcements. The Man Utd pub in downtown Minneapolis is a great soccer bar called The Local

Man U Bar In Minneapolis - The Local

Man Utd Supporters In Missouri

St. Louis Red Army

The St. Louis Red Army are a highly engaged official MU supporters group with over 200 members. They are well established at the hottest soccer bar in town, The Amsterdam Tavern where you can enjoy craft brews in the beer garden after the game.

Man U Bar In St. Louis - Amsterdam Tavern

Man Utd Supporters In N Carolina

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Queen City Red Devils

Queen City Red Devils are Charlotte’s official Man Utd club. They drink at Courtyard Hooligans, described as the mandatory destination for soccer fans in this part of North Carolina. The bar opens early and generates an electric atmosphere for matches.

Man U Bar In Charlotte - Courtyard Hooligans

Man Utd Supporters In New Jersey

NJ 7's

NJ 7’s are based in Hoboken where they watch United matches at Mulligan’s on 1st Street. No bar owner has done more to promote soccer in the Garden State over the past 3 decades than Paul Dawson. In fact, Mulligan’s and First Touch have a relationship stretching back to the 1990s. The NJ 7s have a few simple rules of engagement, the first one being ‘Don’t act the bollix’. Now that’s a rule we should all live by.

Man U Bar In New Jersey - Mulligan's Hoboken

Man Utd Supporters In New York

Visit this page to find all the Man Utd supporters clubs and bars in New York 

Man Utd Supporters Clubs In Ohio

Cleveland Red Devils

There are 3 official Man Utd supporters clubs in Ohio. Starting up in Cleveland on the shore of Lake Erie you can watch Man United with the local Red Devils at the Old Angle Tavern. Under the stewardship of Club President Gary Wiggins and VP Erin Duran, this passionate group of Man Utd fans began life in 2015 and continues to attract fans from all over the North East.

Man U Bar In Cleveland - Old Angle Tavern

Columbus Red Devils

In the soccer-mad Capital City, we find the Columbus Red Devils. Their home bar is the Zaftig Brew Pub on E5th Ave. The bar is open early for all Man Utd games. See you at the game.

Man U Bar In Columbus - Zaftig Brew Pub

MU Supporters Of Dayton

There is little information available on this official Man U group in Dayton who don’t appear to have any social media or web pages. You can try to flag them down at the Yellow Cab Tavern in the town center.

Man U Bar In Dayton - Yellow Cab Tavern

Man Utd Supporters In Oklahoma

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MUFC Tulsa

The dubiously named Empire Bar Irish/UK pub in the Cherry Street district is actually a great place to watch soccer in Tulsa, and it is home to MUFC Tulsa, one of two official Man U groups in Oklahoma.

Man U Bar In Tulsa - Empire Bar


Skinny Slims is the happening soccer bar in Oklahoma City. Located on E Main Street, this British-style pub is host to several Premier League supporter groups including the MUFC OKC. Come on down and make some noise whenever United play live on TV.

Man U Bar In Oklahoma City - Skinny Slims

Man U Supporters In Pennsylvania

MUFC Philly

This Philadelphia Man Utd club are officially sanctioned and they watch matches at the Black Sheep. This traditional Irish Pub close to Rittenhouse Square has been around since the 1990s and offers a great Irish menu.

Man U Bar In Philadelphia - The Black Sheep

Pittsburgh United

The west end of the state now has its own Man United supporters club. This is one of the newer groups having been formed in 2023 by Sean Greig. They meet to watch games at the Bulldog Pub on Morningside Avenue.near Highland Park. Join your fellow Red Devils here and enjoy a game with a great atmosphere. The group are also active on social media where they already have over 1000 followers

Man U Bar In Pittsburgh - The Bulldog

Man U Supporters In Tennessee

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Manchester United Knoxville

One of two official Man U groups in Tennessee, MU Knoxville never miss a match at the downtown Knox Brew Hub. It’s open for the 7:30 am kick-offs.

Man United Bar In Knoxville - Knox Brew Hub

Man Utd Fans of Middle Tennessee

A three-hour drive west of Knoxville brings you to Nashville where you will find yourself at the Lost Paddy on Spence laneYou will also find yourself in a different time zone where games start even earlier in the morning. The MUFMT was formed in 2011 and are now over 700 strong.

Man United Bar In Nashville - The Lost Paddy

Man Utd Supporters Clubs In Texas

Take our tour of Texas to find all the Man Utd supporters clubs and bars 

Man Utd Supporters Clubs In Virginia

Richmond Red Devils

The Richmond Red Devils watch games at Breakers Sports Grill in the suburb of Henrico where you can drink, smoke, and gamble to your heart’s content.

Man United Bar In Richmond - Breakers Sports Grill

Hampton Roads Reds

The Hampton Roads Reds are situated in Virginia Beach and have a private Facebook page. They recently lost their home at Deadline Brewing Project, which is no more. Virginia Beach isn’t exactly short on bars though. So watch this space for updates.

Man U Supporters Clubs In Washington

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Rain City Red Devils

Seattle, the Rain City, is surely the perfect twin city for Manchester (not Wuhan). They even have two official Man Utd Supporters Clubs up there. The Atlantic Crossing,  just off the 5 Freeway in the Roosevelt District is a well-established soccer pub in Seattle offering a great English breakfast followed by live soccer and merriment all day in a relaxed atmosphere. Meet the Rain City Devils there for all Man Utd games.

Man United Bar In Seattle - Atlantic Crossing

Seattle Red Army

Over in West Seattle are the larger of the two official Seattle United groups, The Seattle Red Army mobilizes for games at the West Seattle Brewing Company, a favorite spot for Seattle Sounders Green Army, as well as the Red one. Grab a tee shirt from their Facebook page and head on over to join them for a Sounder Stout.

Man U Bar In Seattle - West Seattle Brewing Co.

Man U Supporters Clubs In Wisconsin

Titletown Reds

Green Bay, like Manchester, is a city that knows all about titles. Titletown Reds are an official Man U group who meet at St. Brendan’s Inn which also boasts a 3-star hotel on the premises.

Man U Bar In Green Bay - St. Brendan's Inn

Madison Red Army

The final stop on our sojourn around the Man United clubs and bars of the USA brings us to Madison, Wisconsin, home of the Red Army. Their Twitter page has closed, as has their home bar, The Nomad World Pub. They’ve been known to meet at Danny’s Pub near the University on W Gorham Street.

Man U Bar In Madison - Danny's Pub

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