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Online Casino loyalty schemes

There are a variety of loyalty schemes available at an online casino, with two major ones being used in the UK. With this being said, this article will touch on some of the more traditional/common ones, that are constantly evolving to become the latest casino promotions that are available to you.

The different types of loyalty schemes at an online casino

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What is a loyalty scheme or programme?

There are a variety of casino promotions, but loyalty schemes will always be a favourite in the online casino world. They are a great way to become a regular visitor to a casino site, and who wouldn’t want extra rewards for that?

Many come under the term VIP, and with these types of schemes, online providers are rewarding its customers for their longer use of the website. You may even receive an invitation in your emails, so be sure to keep an eye out!

Most of the time you can sum up credit that you can use on your chosen site, allowing you to discover more and more games?

Points-based schemes

To begin with, and a scheme that the majority of online casino providers will offer is points-based loyalty schemes, based on how many points you collect within a variety of games. You can usually collect these for every spin, bet, or whatever other rule your provider may have.

Once a certain number of points has been reached, these can be exchanged for a variety of things – there are various possibilities for free spins or certain prizes. These are collected until you reach the next level. Once each new level is unlocked, you will also win a reward for this, which could be in the form of a bonus prize.

With it being such a standard and simple way to gain more prizes, there’s no wonder why this is such a popular online promotion that is regularly used.

Cashback schemes

These are schemes that you can’t help but to love! They enable you to gain prizes, no matter what your outcome is in a game. The percentage of what you may gain back will be fixed by your provider, so you will always know what you are in for, when playing an online game.

You can accumulate prizes in the form of actual rewards, or bonus funds. With this bonus sum, you can use it when playing a game you choose, but make sure to read up on the specific terms and conditions for this when you begin to play.

The idea of cashback schemes is ever-evolving, and will continue to do so. It is particularly important to check how they operate at different sites, to ensure no confusion, and that you can have as much fun as possible at your chosen online site!

In some cases, you can visit an online store, where you will have access to use these loyalty reward points to invest in extra gaming services, like free spins. This could take your game to the next level, with chances to be entered into a competition draw. What you will come out with, a new phone or a television perhaps?

Wherever your loyalty rewards take you, why not see what you can do with yours today?

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