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Soccer Betting – How to Assess Team Value

Every soccer (or if you are in Europe, football) team has their ride-or-die fans and supporters. Some chose their favourite teams based on their location or long-standing loyalty. Many people are even willing to bet their bottom dollar on their team based on that loyalty alone. Others support teams based on a variety of factors and take a more strategic approach. Can you guess who has more success with their soccer betting?

While backing the same team each year is fun, if you are planning on wagering money on it, you might want to do your research first. When making your bets and choosing your team, you will need to assess their value based on these key factors.

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  1. Strength of the squad

A soccer team is a combination of multiple players with unique strengths. While a player on their own may not provide much value, when you combine individual players, they work together to create a strong team. It is essential to look at each player’s strengths and how they fit together. Identify if there are any big names on the team who have proven themselves in the past. On the flip side, are there any weak players that have let their team down before?

It is also important to be aware that rotations in the team are inevitable. Even if the team has a powerhouse starting lineup, the other members of the squad will be on the field eventually as well.

The overall squad strength will help you to confidently choose who to place your bets on. It is also essential to choose a reputable online platform to make your bets. Maple Casino Canada offers a ton of online casinos to place your bets from.

  1. Manager

Though they may not be on the pitch, a good manager can be the difference between success and downfall of the team. The managers’ job is to craft the best system for the team based on the players. They need to look carefully at each player’s strengths and weaknesses and lead them all to success. Managers also motivate their players and prepare them for each game.

A good manager has the potential to make the team winners based on their decisions alone.

  1. Long-term trends

The most accurate data you can study to identify the value of a team is their past playing history. The bookmakers use this information to determine the odds you will bet on. Though it will depend on which part of the season you are at, the past 20 matches can help you figure out the trends.

It is not all about wins and losses, either. Look at conceded goals, total goals scored, and the strengths and weaknesses of the team overall.

  1. Short-term results

While long-term trends give you reliable and consistent information, it is also essential to look at the teams’ patterns in the short-term. As the season goes on, some players get tired or unmotivated.

Some players let go of their physical fitness or health. If a team is on a winning streak, they may be pumped up and excited and will likely continue winning. By looking at the short-term results, you will be able to see if a team is deflated or optimistic, which hugely determines future outcomes of games.

By analyzing the above factors, you will be able to accurately assess each team’s value to determine who you should put your money on.

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