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Time To Root against Manchester City?

Provided you weren’t a Manchester United fan, when Sergio Aguero picked up Mario Balotelli’s pass, rounded a QPR defender before smashing it past a helpless Paddy Kenny, you couldn’t help but celebrate. It was an end to the 2011/2012 season that defied all logic and reason but left you more in love with football than ever – once again, so long as you weren’t a United fan. Manchester City had overcome their neighbours who had bullied them and the rest of the Premier League for so long.

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It was a win for football and a long-overdue changing of the guard at the summit of the top flight. But almost a decade on from that goal, has the time come to root against Manchester City?

Before we proceed, just take a look at the Man City v Everton betting and you’ll see the Toffees at 16/1 to beat Pep Guardiola’s men. Now, keep in mind this was once a keenly fought contest.

Furthermore, the latest Premier League predictions are not ambiguous in their forecast that City will win back-to-back titles this season which will make it four Premier League trophies in five years. Once again I put the question to you: has the time come to begin hoping for City’s demise?

One Horse Race

After all, we only joined in the celebrations on May 13 in 2012 because a giant had been toppled but now, it feels as if City have become the bullies. More concerningly though is that the power that the Etihad club has, as illustrated with the latest predictions, and the potential to weaken the Premier League’s global brand as it turns into a one-horse race.

It’s worth saying that City have treated us to some of the most exquisite football that the English top flight has ever seen whilst simultaneously taking the Premier League to new heights with a global audience. In addition to that, Guardiola deserves special praise for the way he has set his teams up with the onus on unrelenting attack. Indeed, we have marveled at the Spaniard’s tactical nous and his uncompromising philosophy that has been a breath of fresh air.


It does just feel, however, that the competition is beginning to grow ever so stale with City beginning to steamroll the competition for fun every week, and however pretentious this sounds, the Premier League can’t have that happen.

The only way this domination will end, apart from crossing everything you have hoping City will lose every time they play, is when Guardiola steps down and then we might just see the club relinquish its stranglehold on the Premier League title. City fans may argue that another dynasty will replace theirs and perhaps that is true, but that doesn’t mean that the initial change won’t do wonders for healthy competition in the league. Indeed, City were once the fairytale story of the Premier League but they’ve now become a ceaseless nightmare that we all need waking up from.

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