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Euro 2020 – Who Are The Favorites?

Despite the year of delay after the difficulty and turbulent 2020, the Euros are officially underway having held on to the Euro 2020 moniker and have managed to get off to a great start – with some great games and solid goals since games first started being played nearly a week a go to some unsettling sights with the Denmark and Finland game, there’s still a long way to go in the competition that really could be anyone’s to take still.

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‘With a month of games still to be played and bookies like adjusting their odds after every game, who are the current favourites in the lead, and who’s looking to be in the best spot to win?

The current world cup holders of France sit at the top of the list as 9/2 favourites, and with Mbappe, Pogba, and Benzema being part of the key roster it’s clear to see why – their first game against Germany in this competition may be a sign of things to come and many will be expecting a solid performance, but something underwhelming could certainly leave them in a compromised position with the game following a week after against Hungary.

As we’ve not seen anything from France just, yet they still remain a question mark for some, but a strong performance later will continue to secure this top and favourite spot.

Belgium and England share a spot in joint second – Belgium certainly looked formidable with their 3-0 victory over Russia at the weekend being one of the three teams so far this tournament to school three times in a match, and at 11/2 could quickly pass France if their first performance isn’t up to scratch. England fans will be delighted in the 1-0 victory over Croatia at the weekend too ahead of their clash with Scotland next week, and at the same 11/2 odds sit in joint second.


Another team sitting up at the top at 7/2 are Italy, being another of the three to score three goals they had managed to open up this years tournament with a huge victory over Turkey showing just how strong they’re looking, and with the second game close by with Switzerland coming off a 1-1 tie with Wales, Italy will be going in very positive to this next match.

Spain come in close behind at 8/1 odds, and although inconsistent over the last few years they still do have a strong record in major tournaments particularly if they’re able to make it to the later stages – after their 0-0 tie with Sweden, some fans will be hoping to see much more.

There’s still plenty of football to be played however, with plenty of opportunity for upset and excitement and with games being played daily right up until the final knockout stages, there’s still plenty of entertainment to come.

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