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5 Expert Vetted Soccer Betting Tips

Every day, millions of people place bets on soccer games. It’s the most popular and the most-watched sport globally. Are you a new bettor, and have you been looking for tips and strategies to win at soccer betting? You must understand that several variables are responsible for winning and losing, making getting the right information necessary.

soccer bar NYC globeTo begin with, you must learn how sports betting and odds work. You also need to understand the rules and regulations that guide soccer betting, among other things.

This article will provide you with five expert-recommended tips to get familiar with soccer betting and win money from the bookmakers.

1. Follow Professional Soccer Tipsters

Before placing a bet on a soccer game, be aware that knowledge makes a huge difference. If you want to beat the bookmakers, following a particular strategy will help you. Also, you can’t rely on your instinct alone; you should clarify your presumptions by following tipsters who share adequate knowledge on how to outsmart the bookmakers at their own game.

2. Keep Betting Records

If you want to win your bets regularly, you must learn to keep your betting records. Firstly, you must make notes of your overall profit or loss for every bet. Secondly, you must take note of the bookmakers you use. Thirdly, be aware of the bets you win or lose. With this, you have a clearer picture of whether your betting strategy is working or not and what is the right step to take going forward. One of the simple ways of doing this is by creating a spreadsheet that you can easily update from time to time.

3. Check Overall Team Performance

Learning how a team performs can also increase your likelihood of winning your bets. Sometimes, isolated results can deceive, which is why you need to take a look at the overall performance of the team you are betting on, and not only the results. Also, some occurrences may affect the performance of a team. For instance, if a team has 3 or 4 of their top players out due to injuries, this alone can hugely impact their performance, and it would be unwise to place a bet on such a team.

Also, check the stats and ratings using several websites. You must also check the last three or four matches for both teams; this indicates if the best team has higher chances of winning or losing the game. This trend tells a lot about the teams’ performance and assists you in making the right decision.

4. Bet More on League Games Instead of Cup Tournaments

It’s a fact that football managers tend to field weak teams for cup games compared to league matches. It’s because leagues are considered more important than cup matches. So, managers would not risk their best players getting injured for what may be considered a less important match. Knowing the team with the best players may be difficult while placing your bet for a cup tournament. So, betting on cup tournaments will only increase the chances of losing your money to bookmakers.

5. Pick the Bookmakers with the Best Betting Odds

As a new bettor, you must know all bookies do not provide the same odds. Looking around for bookmakers that put up the best odds will increase your chances of winning. Bookmakers set their odds to attract bets on both sides to earn a commission on either side. Sports betting is a risk, and choosing a bookmarker that enables you to increase your earnings is crucial.

Final Notes

You should know that winning at sports betting is not luck. It requires a lot of planning and strategy. We hope these expert vetted tips will help you become successful in soccer betting.

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