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Your guide to the 2023/2024 Champions League

The UEFA Champions League is considered the pinnacle of European club football, a tournament that captivates football fans not only on the continent, but worldwide. Every year, the best teams in Europe battle it out for the coveted title, culminating in a tense final that catches the eyes of the football world. The emotions that this final evokes range from pure joy to heartbreaking disappointment, making the Champions League more than just a competition – it is an annual demonstration of the passion that football can inspire. The final is the culmination of months of effort and dreams and symbolises the ultimate success in club football. When and where it will take place is explained in this article.

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The history of the Champions League

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Originally launched in 1955 as the European Cup of Champions, the UEFA Champions League has evolved over the years into one of the most prestigious and highly regarded football events in the world. From the early days when Real Madrid dominated the tournament, to Zinedine Zidane’s legendary header for Real Madrid in the 2002 final, to the dramatic “Miracle of Istanbul” when Liverpool overturned a 3-0 deficit against AC Milan to triumph on penalties in 2005, each final has its own history.

These historic moments have not only brought eternal glory to the clubs, but have also established the Champions League as the ultimate stage for football’s greatest talents. The evolution from a European competition to a global spectacle attracting billions of viewers reflects the universal appeal of football. The Champions League Finals have become synonymous with exceptional football, where tradition, talent and passion come together to create unforgettable moments that will go down in football history.

This year’s final: time and place

The UEFA Champions League 2024 final, which will take place on Saturday 1 June, promises to be an unforgettable event, with kick-off at 9pm CET, equivalent to 8pm local time. The venue for this match is the world-famous Wembley Stadium in London, England. Wembley Stadium, a venue rich in football history and tradition, was due to host the final in the previous season, but plans were postponed due to the exceptional circumstances of the coronavirus pandemic.

With a capacity for around 87,000 spectators, the stadium provides an impressive backdrop for the final. Wembley is not only a symbol of English football, but also a venue that has witnessed some of the most memorable moments in the history of the sport. The decision to stage the 2024 Champions League final there emphasises the importance of this stadium as a stage for matches of global relevance.

Champions League 2023/24 fixture list

The 2023/24 UEFA Champions League season offers an exciting journey from the group stage to the spectacular final at Wembley Stadium. Here are the key dates fans should mark in their diaries: 

Group stage:

  • Matchday 1: 19/20 September 2023
  • Matchday 2: 3-4 October 2023
  • Matchday 3: 24/25 October 2023
  • Matchday 4: 7/8 November 2023
  • Matchday 5: 28/29 November 2023
  • Matchday 6: 12/13 December 2023

Knockout phase:

  • Draw for the round of 16: 18 December 2023
  • Round of 16: First legs on 13/14/20/21 February 2024, second legs on 5/6/12/13 March 2024
  • Draw for quarter-finals, semi-finals/finals: 15 March 2024
  • Quarter-finals: first legs on 9/10 April 2024, second legs on 16/17 April 2024
  • Semi-finals: first legs on 30 April/1 May 2024, second legs on 7/8 May 2024


  • 1 June 2024 at Wembley Stadium, London

From the kick-off of the first matches in September to the final showdown in June, the Champions League once again promises a season full of excitement and top-class football.

A look back: Champions League heroes and their stages

The UEFA Champions League has created unforgettable moments over the years, marked by legendary teams that have immortalised themselves in footballing annals. Each final tells its own story, not only through the triumphant teams, but also through the iconic stadiums that have served as the backdrop for these memorable encounters. Here is a brief overview of the winners and venues of the last ten years, highlighting the diversity and international reach of this prestigious competition:







Manchester City

Inter Milan

1:0 (0:0)

Atatürk Olympic Stadium, Istanbul


Real Madrid

FC Liverpool

1:0 (0:0)

Stade de France, St. Denis


FC Chelsea

Manchester City

1:0 (1:0)

Estadio Dragão, Porto


FC Bayern Munich

Paris St. Germain

1:0 (0:0)

Estadio da Luz, Lisbon


Liverpool FC

Tottenham Hotspur

2:0 (1:0)

Wanda Metropolitano, Madrid


Real Madrid

Liverpool FC

3:1 (0:0)

Olympic Stadium, Kyiv


Real Madrid


4:1 (1:1)

Millennium Stadium, Cardiff


Real Madrid

Atlético Madrid

5:3 (1:1, 1:1, 1:0)

San Siro, Milan


FC Barcelona

Juventus Turin

3:1 (1:0)

Olympiastadion, Berlin


Real Madrid

Atlético Madrid

4:1 n.V. (1:1, 0:1)

Estadio da Luz, Lisbon

Where can you watch the match?

For fans of the UEFA Champions League, the 2023/2024 season once again offers exciting broadcast options. The streaming service DAZN is the main place to watch almost the entire season live. By subscribing to DAZN, fans can watch the thrilling matches of the premier class live and not miss a second of the action.

In addition to DAZN, Amazon Prime Video also broadcasts selected matches, giving fans additional options to enjoy the games. This diverse range of broadcast channels ensures that no fan misses out on the highlights and drama of the Champions League. From the decisive round of 16 matches to the breathtaking final, every game is accessible from the comfort of your own home. Immerse yourself in the world of top European football, experience every tactic, every triumph and every disappointment of the 2023/2024 season.

Dates 2024: Live broadcast of the Champions League




Tuesday, 05.03.2024

Real Sociedad – Paris St.-Germain

21.00 live on DAZN

Tuesday, 05.03.2024

FC Bayern Munich – Lazio Rome

21.00 live on Amazon Prime Video

Wednesday, 06.03.2024

Manchester City – FC Copenhagen

21.00 live on DAZN

Wednesday, 06.03.2024

Real Madrid – RB Leipzig

21.00 live on DAZN

Wednesday, 06.03.2024

Wednesday conference (round of 16, second legs)

live on DAZN from 8pm

Tuesday, 12.03.2024

FC Arsenal – FC Porto

21:00 live on DAZN

Tuesday, 12.03.2024

FC Barcelona – SSC Napoli

21.00 live on Amazon

Wednesday, 13.03.2024

Atletico Madrid – Inter Milan

21.00 live on DAZN

Wednesday, 13.03.2024

Borussia Dortmund – PSV Eindhoven

21.00 live on DAZN

Wednesday, 13.03.2024

Wednesday conference (round of 16, second legs)

live on DAZN from 8pm

Back in Munich: The 2025 Champions League final

Good news has reached German football enthusiasts: the Allianz Arena in Munich will once again host the Champions League final in 2025, an event that will undoubtedly get many fans excited. While the exact date of the final has yet to be finalised, expectations are rising for this prestigious event. The 2012 “Final dahoam”, in which FC Bayern Munich lost to Chelsea FC in a dramatic penalty shoot-out, is still vividly remembered by fans.

That defeat, as painful as it was, has left a deep mark on the club’s history and now presents a motivating challenge should Bayern Munich get the chance for revenge in their own stadium. The 2025 final provides a perfect stage for potential historic moments and the opportunity to turn past disappointments into triumphant successes.

The return of the final to Munich is a highlight not only for FC Bayern, but for the whole of Germany, generating national excitement and revitalising the local economy. It is an opportunity for the city to once again present itself as a world-class host for one of the biggest sporting events.

Conclusion on the 2024 Champions League final

The UEFA Champions League final is the highlight of European club football every year, captivating millions of spectators worldwide and offering unforgettable moments of sport. With the 2024 Champions League final at the legendary Wembley Stadium and the return of the final to Munich in 2025, UEFA is continuing its tradition of staging this event at iconic venues. The detailed overview of match dates from the group stage to the final allows fans to never miss a moment of the action, while the broadcast options via DAZN and Amazon Prime Video ensure that everyone can enjoy the game no matter where they are.

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