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Destiny 2: All the ways to improve your character

When you start playing Destiny 2, you will quickly face the need to not only upgrade your hero and accumulate various types of weapons and ammunition for them.


You will strive to earn glimmers and participate in raids, strikes and go through the storyline to repel the alien attack and go to explore all the planets available as part of the released updates and the last one was Neptune, where you can go to Saint 13 to continue exploring space and playing Lightfall update.


To upgrade your character and get destiny 2 boost you need to complete quests, grind, clear strikes and raids and advance along the storyline and earn glimmers.

Leveling and boosting

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You will begin your journey by choosing the main character from three classes that you can play in D2 and begin your journey.

You can choose a class, each of which will be a shooter, but will have unique skills.

You will have access to a titan – a marksman and a warrior in heavy armor and the ability to activate a protective shield that will help protect you from damage.

Warlock is a marksman and magic character with massive damage and the ability to heal and buff allies.

The Hunter is a marksman and ranged combat master who uses traps, camouflage, and shooting that ignores the armor of many enemies, including bosses in raids.

You will be able to level up with the help of quests and will start with the training format and move on to completing tasks that will help you gain experience, increase levels, earn glimmers and receive new types of weapons and equipment that will help strengthen your character.

You will be able to level up until the Lightfall update and departure to the planet Neptune to receive new tasks and assignments.

You will have access to many secondary tasks that you can take from NPCs, including contracts.

The difference between a contract and quests is that a quest requires you to destroy certain monsters and send messages, and a contract is focused on in-game actions that will require hunting with certain weapons and performing specific actions in any location that the player chooses and that is suitable for this.

You can choose secondary tasks that will help you level up and receive glimmers and other resources that will be useful to strengthen your character.

Typically, such tasks can be found in large cities and locations during hunting.

Just look at the offered reward and find the place of completion in the general description, and if everything suits you, then go complete the tasks as an addition to the main storyline and grind.

At any time, you can seek help from the professional player assistance service Skycoach to order a full boost in Destiny 2 for your character.

You can ask to overcome any gap in levels, or get to the Lightfall update so that you can learn new content on your own.

Boosting in D2 occurs after the account is transferred to professional players from the Skycoach service – this is necessary to eliminate the player’s influence on the hero’s development process and pumping speed.

This means that if the player himself personally takes part in boosting, then he must follow all the leader’s commands, constantly be online and make sure that the character does not die and changes the location in a timely manner. If the client goes to sleep, or the character dies and does not resurrect him in a timely manner, the pumping process will be delayed, for which the Skycoach service bears financial and reputational responsibility, so it will be better if you agree to transfer your account under a full set of guarantees from the service employees.

This way, the booster will be able to ensure round-the-clock completion of the task and will relieve you of the need to control any stage of character development and boosting in Destiny 2 Lightfall.

When the task is completed, you will receive a notification about this, and you will be able to log into your account and check the result, change your account password and, most importantly, check the list of items that you managed to get during the boosting process and that were left to you as a bonus for choosing Skycoach

Remember that you yourself regulate the degree of help you need, and you can order at least one level boost, at least full development from scratch until reaching the Lightfall update, or even go through it.



Any quest system can be changed or supplemented with the help of a classic hunt.

This is a format in which you use location clearing for resources, trophies, experience and glimmers.

You can go hunting alone or as part of a group.

If you play in a group, you can join forces to gain more experience.

The tank will collect and provoke monsters and keep them on him, supported by the warlock’s healing, until he and the hunter destroy the enemies with powerful mass skills and single fire.

You’ll be able to get cheap boosts in Destiny 2, glimmers, special ammo for subclasses, and resources for future upgrades and hero enhancements.

Raids, strikes and raidcarries

You need to master the system of strikes and raids, which require you to enter and face difficult areas with many enemies and a boss for a chance to get new enhanced weapons and equipment.

Strike is a mini-raid that allows you to train for stronger challenges and which can be completed even alone.

Raids, on the other hand, are more complex and clearing simple zones will open up reinforced ones, which can bring legendary types of armor and weapons – the strongest in Destiny 2.

The raid requires the unification of battle groups and sometimes other players can let you down, which will spoil the mood and delay your progress, especially on Mythic difficulty.

You can order a raidcarry service at any time, which will allow you to become part of a squad of professionals who are guaranteed to clear any zone and give you all the rewards and experience.

You will be killed at the entrance to the dungeon so that you do not accidentally interfere with the clearing stage, but when the enemy has little health, you will be resurrected and scattered so that you can deliver the main blow and receive all the experience, which is usually distributed among all participants. You will also receive all the rewards that you are lucky enough to get in this raid.

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