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Reasons why the MLS is so popular

For starters the media coverage is almost unrivaled globally. It might not seem fair to compare the English Premier League and MLS, but the media circus around the leagues certainly helps to generate excitement. Think hard about the furore that surrounds matches like the MLS Cup final and the Champions League final.

Although the audiences are vastly different, the passion is still there. Remember, the MLS is competing with the NFL, NBA and NHL, all vastly more popular sports globally, while many European nations have soccer as their primary sport. The 2018 final peaked at 2.07 million viewers, the highest in 20 years, although it did drop down again in 2020 with a peak of 1.07 million.

The interest is there; it is just a matter of maintaining it. Both New York teams have a reasonable attendance record too, with New York Red Bulls seeing an average of 18,732 and NYCFC welcoming 22,537. Both look promising and should enjoy a bright future.

soccer bar NYC globeHome-grown talent

One advantage the MLS has over most other leagues is the opportunity that is offered to the home-grown talent. With drafts allowing teams to fill out their roster with academy graduates and college stars, there is more chance of unearthing a rare talent in the mould of a Landon Donovan or Stuart Holden, or even Christian Pulisic.

Seeing these types of players involved can provide the fans with a stronger connection to the club and can help to forge bonds between the fanbase and the playing staff. While it is nice to see some of the global superstars making their moves to the league, having that player that your own club raised has its own merits as well.

The social aspect

There is a vital social side to soccer as it certainly acts as a conversation starter. More often than not you could find yourself locked in a debate over the previous day’s game and could have lengthy conversations about the results. There is also the boost in self-esteem you gain when your team is doing well, while there are any number of chat shows and online blogs dedicated to giving people their say on any given match.

Being online gives you the opportunity to get involved in numerous chat room debates and that is no different with all slots Canada. You can spend as long as you feel comfortable, and much like MLS, it can be a good way to unwind after a hard day’s work. Just a short spell could be all you need for some important R&R.

The future

While the MLS will continue to grow as a brand, with more and more franchises seemingly popping up by the year, it is vital that the fan base grows along with it. Competing with more popular sports can be an issue but stadium attendances are growing. If that can also transfer to TV, then the league could be set for a very bright future.

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