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Watch live football via Youtube – Why Not?

Nowadays, if you want to watch live football, you can easily watch it on a certain application or website for free. The following article will guide you to watch live football via Youtube – a very popular video sharing platform today. Let’s find out all about it now.

If you are an avid fan of football and do not get the chance to watch live football on TV, you shouldn’t miss this post! That is an easy-to-understand tutorial on how to watch live football via Youtube.

Overview of Youtube

Youtube is a huge social networking channel, attracting nearly 2 billion users today. On Youtube is a place for us to organize and share videos that can connect. With Youtube, it has a maximum length of 1000 characters, so when you want to share something on here it will also be more convenient. Or when finding it, it is more convenient than you do video SEO.

In order to watch live football via Youtube, you will have to go through 3 basic steps below.

  • Step 1: Download Youtube to your computer or phone

With this step, you need an electronic device, a computer, or a phone, and then download the Youtube application to that device. 

If you do not like downloading the application, because it takes time, you can watch it directly on the web you use to access the network, with access to the Youtube software.

  • Step 2: Search for the match you want to watch

For example: If you want to watch the U23 Asian 2020 qualifying match between Vietnam and Thailand, you just need to type in the Youtube search bar: Asia-Thailand U23 Qualifier 2020 Vietnam-Thailand.

As you type, you will see the link to the matches. Your task is to access a video and experience it.

Besides, when looking for match information and live links, you can use the filter located in the upper right corner of the screen. Using this filter makes it easier to find matches because the majority of tournaments will have a large fan base. They share it so that everyone can easily follow.

At this point, the next job you should do is to search for the match – filter – directly watch and enjoy.

  • Step 3: The process of enjoying the match

To make watching football through your Youtube channel attractive or not? Then it depends on the network connection, which your family uses.

Currently, technology 4.0 has developed and there are many network channels with direct football links. Therefore, choosing which channel to enjoy football is a decision for each person just like when you chose Youtube to watch football.

Accordingly, to be able to follow the game completely, you need a stable network connection, without the appearance of interlaced promotional videos.

Most importantly, the channel you watch should have subtitles to help you feel better uplifted for that day.

Advantages and disadvantages of watching live football via Youtube

Every football channel has its advantages and disadvantages, for Youtube is not an exception. Here are the pros and cons of this channel that you should know.


When watching football on the Youtube channel, the delay of the match when you watch it in real-time is not too much, if it is only a few seconds. Accordingly, when you watch football above, you will get a very realistic and sharp experience.

Watch football on this channel, you can watch it anytime, any time. More importantly, anywhere is fine, so you won’t worry that you’ve missed out on a very fascinating match.

Currently, the direct football issue is extremely strict copyright issues. So, if you want to watch football with copyright, then you choose Youtube is a completely perfect choice.


  • Youtube is not too diversified and enriches football tournaments (for example, Youtube does not have English Premier League and European Football Championship).
  • The image resolution is not as high as other sites.

The above are all instructions, as well as information related to watching football live on Youtube that we want readers to grasp and apply practically to the experience with the ball. We also hope that you will have relaxing and enjoyable moments watching online football with relatives and family. 

The published material expresses the position of the author, which may not coincide with the opinion of the editor.

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