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Types of Traditional Slot Machines

There are different types of slot machines; from simple to complicated slot machine games. Irrespective of a player’s level of experience or their preferences, there is a game that has been designed to deliver the player’s entertainment needs. For people who are strong lovers of slots, here are some of the slot games to look out for.

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Multi-line or Multi-coin

This slot game gained its fame in Australia. In this slot game, players can choose the number of pay lines they want to play in a game plus the number of coins to risk per game. This gives players a better opportunity to manage their money and avoid losing money.


In this category of the slot, any extra coin that has a bet placed on it opens an additional winning combination. The easy access to combinations to a great extent controls the number of times the game can be won. Players are advised to risk the highest number of coins on a buy-a-pay machine. Sbobet and slot online machines have several payouts which give players several choices to make depending on their money and personality.

Hidden Buy-a-Pays

This slot type is only available during slot bonus events and is available just when a player plays the maximum required number of coins. To easily identify this type of slot machine, examine the pay-table and try to search for any type of bonus that needs the highest coins to activate.

Straight Multiplayer

This slot machine lets players activate all their winning combinations by risking just a single coin, and any extra coin increases the chance of winning more payouts. This implies that having three coins in a game will triple that of a single coin bet, while two coins will double. Some players consider increasing the number of coins to make more profit, a strategy which experts highly discourage.

Bonus Multipliers

Similar to direct multiplier games, the machine activates all combinations using just one coin. Extra coins increase winnings but there is equally a bonus payout that is always found on the top of the jackpot. The bonus can only be activated with the highest coins and sticking to just a single coin is the strategy recommended by professionals.


Each time a player places a bet on one of these slots, part of the percentage goes via adding the top prize. This slot type is ideal for players who love action-oriented games and want to become an instant millionaire. Most machines need players to play their highest number of coins before they can be eligible for progressive slot games.

Combination Slots

These slot machines are a combination of two or more slot games. Always evaluate the paytable to determine the best slot at the moment. Activating more payouts increases the player’s chances of activating more payouts in combination slots.


Though most players think the slot machines are the same, they do have several differences. Some games need two or more coins to activate each pay line while others have huge jackpots that can only be won when maximum coins are played. Irrespective of the version a player is looking for, it is always important to look at the paytable before making a decision.

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