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Top Sportsmen Playing at Online Casinos

How top sportsmen become online casino addicted and why they still keep playing gambling games. The psychologist reveals the secret.

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Many athletes are players not only in their key spheres but also in the gambling community.

Professional athletes on the courts, playing fields, and tracks are considered by some to be the most reckless people on the planet. Even despite all bans of sports associations, many sports stars visit land-based casinos or online casinos.

According to Qyto online casino guide, the number of gamblers grows every day worldwide. Therefore, this is not surprising some famous sportsmen have a history of gambling like many other people.

Wayne Rooney — Roulette & Blackjack

Former Manchester United legend and Everton star Wayne Rooney has always been an inspiration for athletes looking to take a break from the main work. According to numerous publications, being drunk Rooney lost about £500,000 while playing blackjack and roulette.

Rumor has it that the footballer looked completely unhappy and overwhelmed. “He muttered curses and was in his little world full of slot machines and card tables. Rooney was really overwhelmed by the loss.”

Michael Jordan — Real Casino Visitor

Basketball players are very often seen at the casino table. There are many legends about him, people say that at the peak of his career, an American basketball player could spend the whole night at the table in the casino, and in the morning, as if nothing had happened, accurately hit the ball, win, and eventually bring victory to the team.

He is considered one of the highest-scoring players to visit a casino.

Charles Barkley — Still in the Game

Basketball legend Charles Barkley told the world about his problem with gambling. He claimed that his problems cost him about $10 million over his career. Despite admitting that he had problems with gambling and losing hard, he continued to feel in awe sometimes.

While Barkley reveals that he has overcome his addiction, he may fleetingly drop contradicting confessions. “In Vegas, I’m trying to win a few hundred thousand dollars. If I’m losing a few hundred thousand, I’m still having a good time. There should be a measure for everything.”

In 2007, Barkley is said to have won $700,000 in a single weekend, a combination of Super Bowl and high stakes blackjack. Despite his ludomania problems, Barkley said he intends to continue gambling. Unlike some people, he can “afford it”.

Why Sportsmen Get Addicted to Gambling so Easily

As crazy as it sounds, addiction makes sense for people who do some professional sports. Emma Vickers studies the psychology of professional athletes. She shared that athletes have many qualities that gamblers have as well. Having reached a professional level, they get used to winning and are too optimistic about things.

Moreover, they have a high IQ. The same qualities that enable them to be successful in sports make them bet. Vickers has researched with top-notch athletes and has found that they cannot live without risk, even when it comes to entertainment.

Thus, the craving for games based on the passion of a person is inherent not only to ordinary people but also to many famous individuals. Some do not hide this and are ready to talk about their winnings or global spending in the casino. And some people consider it a disease and do not want to advertise it. Nevertheless, celebrities are just the same people who have the same hobbies or illnesses as their admirers.

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