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The Future of VR in Gambling

The first online gambling sites emerged on the market in the mid-1990s. They offered pretty basic table casino games but were a far cry from the betting platforms we have today.

logo for gambling articleAs smartphones are available to almost everyone, the need for online betting sites has significantly grown in the past few years. The competition is growing more fierce every day, so betting sites are trying to attract customers by implementing virtual reality into their casino games.

In the beginning, players were skeptical about online gambling. They thought online casinos couldn’t replace the glamour that traditional land-based casinos can offer. Today, virtual reality has dealt with this aspect effectively.

Through VR, players can get a believable casino experience without leaving the comfort of their own homes. VR Casino games are designed with top-notch graphics and audio, providing an immersive experience for gamers. Furthermore, the inclusion of live dealer games with actual croupiers has made the experience even more believable. 

To experience a fully-immersive and interactive gambling experience, players need to use special VR equipment which includes a VR helmet or sensor gloves.

Currently, the most popular choice among gamblers is the Oculus rift headset, and it is ideal for playing games such as roulette, and slots. Interestingly, it isn’t just the games that players find so appealing in VR gambling.

Players can interact with one another and can join an online community.  They can also explore casino rooms, grab a virtual drink at the bar, and have conversations with other players. 

What Will the Future Bring

Virtual headsets are probably the biggest change that could affect the online gaming industry. Some casinos have already implemented VR and are offering a fully immersive and interactive experience. There are already betting sites that offer VR Poker with detailed casino rooms, realistic players, and are compatible with Oculus Rift. 

Through VR, game developers are trying to simulate classic land-based casinos. However, it looks like that in the future, players will be able to play their games in pretty eccentric settings. For example, players will be able to play baccarat in the basement of a crime boss or play poker on the moon.

Land-based casinos are already investing in VR games that can be played inside their establishments. As land-based casinos are getting older, we expect them to launch their own virtual reality casinos to mirror their real-life twin in the years to come. 

The future of VR gambling is tied to technological advancements in hardware. As VR hardware and mobile technologies continue to improve, we will probably see VR gambling with mobile devices in the future. 

Pros and Cons

The biggest benefit of VR casino games is that players are able to feel like real participants of the game in a casino establishment. With additional hardware, such as the Oculus rift, players are affected visually, and objects will no longer differ from real ones.

Just as with video games, VR gambling will allow you to customize your Avatar in many ways, and maybe even the casino itself. Furthermore, if VR continues to develop at such a fast pace, we might expect to be greeted by a personal guide that knows our game preference. We also might be able to play games with dealers we designed ourselves. And if VR and AI merge, the possibilities are endless.

The first disadvantage of VR gambling is that VR hardware is still quite expensive and players will be expected to wager more compared to standard casinos. 

Another big disadvantage is that VR doesn’t allow you to see the emotions of other players. For instance, if you are playing Poker in a VR casino, you won’t be able to see who is or isn’t bluffing.

Last but not least, some people might find VR gambling a chance to disappear from reality and spend all their free time in the virtual world.


VR technology is developing fast, and VR hardware is becoming more affordable every day. It is obvious that virtual reality gambling will be the next big thing – casinos that don’t adapt will suffer huge losses. While some people may always prefer traditional online gambling, we still believe that the majority will switch and immerse themselves into the world of VR gambling.

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