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FA Cup In The 1980s Soccer Quiz Answers

Here are the answers to our FA Cup in the 1980s soccer quiz. How many did you get right?
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1 – Who captained West Ham United in their 1980 victory over Arsenal? 
Billy Bonds
2 – Manchester City’s Tommy Hutchison made the record books in the 1981 Cup final 1 -1 tie against Spurs for what?
First player to score for both sides in an FA Cup final
3 – Who managed QPR against his old club in the all-London 1982 final? 
Terry Venables
4 – What was the name of the Brighton fanzine inspired by Peter Jones’ commentary on an infamous miss in the 1983 final vs Man United?
‘And Smith Must Score’
5 – 1985 saw the first player to be sent off in an FA Cup final. Who was he? 
Kevin Moran, Man Utd
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