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Strategies for Online Blackjack

You have to be lucky to make a lot of money playing online blackjack. But then you know what they say: you make your own luck!

Best Tips and Strategies for Online Blackjack

This is certainly true of blackjack, and while you can’t guarantee a win – you can certainly do a whole lot to stack the odds in your favour and to do the best with what fate deals you. This is why online casino malaysia is such a popular option for a lot of people looking to make a little cash: it allows them to actually have an impact on how likely they are to win. This way, it is still gambling, but the odds can be influenced. You get more of a sense of satisfaction when you win, and of course your likelihood of getting a big payout goes up.

soccer bar NYC globeWhy? Because a lot of people will approach blackjack with no strategy and no preparation. They are destined to fail, and as such, they allow the house to offer better payouts to the minority who do know what they’re doing! With that said then, how can you improve your chances of winning at blackjack? Let’s find out!

Choose the Right Site

The number one most important tip for doing well at online blackjack, is to choose the right website/casino to begin with. While the odds of winning aren’t going to change (or at least they shouldn’t do!), you can choose a site that has the best rates, best bonuses, best odds, best games, and best service.

Choose the wrong site and the worst case scenario may be that your cash is lost and you can’t withdraw it. The quality of these services ranges greatly, with some being highly reputable, well-made sites, and others being far less reliable – sometimes outright scams.

Choose the right site on the other hand, and you’ll have a fun way to earn money that you can rely on to deliver payouts quickly and fairly. They might also offer introductory bonuses so that you can start with more cash, free games, or a range of fun variations.

Learn the Rules

This might sound obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t entirely understand the rules of blackjack and still choose to play anyway! Hopefully you’re familiar with the general concepts, but do you know what a 5-, 6-, or 7- card Charlie is? Do you know how many times you can split your hand?

Some of these rules might even slightly vary from site to site. You’ll find that what is called ‘blackjack’ on some sites is slightly different than the same game on others, with slightly unique rules.

These unique rules can of course also skew the odds slightly in favour of the house, or the player. By better understanding the ins and outs of this surprisingly nuanced game, you will be more able to tell if you have a good chance of winning when choosing the site you want to play on. This can vary your odds by up to three times!

Consider the Odds

Another trick is to ensure that you think carefully about the odds as you play. This doesn’t mean you need to be Rain Man – simply that being aware of how many cards are in the deck, and trying to remember which ones you’ve already seen, will help you to make the right decision when it comes to making your next move.

If the odds of getting a card that’s too high are great, then it makes sense to stay put. If you have already seen the high cards, then you may be safer to take a chance.

Remember: cards are games of probability. And the law of ‘extremely large numbers’ means that if you play long enough, probability will always ensure the outcome. The question is how long you can hold out while playing the optimal strategy.

One more related tip is to get yourself a strategy card. These cards tell you what the best move is in any given scenario, and thereby significantly up your chances of success. Just make sure that the strategy card you find is one that is specifically tailored to the type of game you’re playing and the specific rules of that game.

Know When to Quit

Which brings us to another important point: you need to know when to quit. This is true of any game, any casino, and any form of gambling.

And this isn’t just a matter of avoiding addiction and bankruptcy. It’s also the best strategy. We all are overcome with the feeling that playing just ‘one more game’ is going to turn things around. Again though, that’s not how odds work!

Being able to quit while you’re ahead, or stop before you lose too much, are some of the most important skills to hone as any type of gambler.

Play Often

While you need to know when to stop, playing frequently is actually ones of the best strategies there is for improving your overall performance.

Not only will this help you to familiarize yourself with the rules on a conscious level, but it will also help you to get a ‘feel’ for how cards land. This might sound strange, but many studies show that our unconscious minds can actually compute more than we are consciously aware of. Thus, with experience, you can get a ‘get feeling’ for whether you should stay or not, and this can in turn help you to perform better.

Closing Comments

To reiterate, there is no such thing as a ‘sure thing’ when it comes to any form of gambling. All you can do is improve your odds, and make the game as fun as possible. Learn the game, make sure you limit your spending, and apply a little strategy. Hopefully these tips will help you do exactly that so you can get the very most from it and see why everyone seems to love blackjack. To get started then, you just need to find the best online casino and get playing!

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