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Sports Betting Software for Your Brand

These days, anybody can launch their own sportsbook, and it does not have to cost a fortune. Thanks to white label software, you can enter the industry quickly and inexpensively. But which system suits your needs? Follow our tips to find the best sports betting software provider.

soccer bar NYC globeThe gambling market is highly competitive. Bookies may offer both dimensions of betting — sports events and casino games. A sportsbook software provider like Altenar can develop a platform for your unique needs on a turnkey basis. Choosing a well-established brand is crucial, as the future of your business depends on the quality of the tech you buy.

What Makes The Best Sportsbooks?

Sports fans are demanding, as so many websites cater to their needs. They want a platform that is user-friendly, versatile, and trustworthy. White label providers who care about their reputation check all the boxes. To verify the status of your potential partner, consider reviews from organizations monitoring the industry. These sources are at your fingertips — just run a quick Google search.

Key Features to Demand

If you have monitored popular websites for a while, you may have noticed their key similarities. The bare essentials include the following:

  • pre-match and live betting;
  • different types of bets;
  • flexible payments;
  • additional gambling opportunities (e.g., casino games),
  • multilingual support.

Flexibility also applies to management. The administrative tools should be comprehensive. They include reporting, control of limits and games, player management, etc.

What Sports to Include?

Obviously, the more different events you cover — the more bettors you will attract and the bigger the potential revenues. Every category must include a range of tournaments, each with multiple events. Make sure the European, American, Brazilian, and Japanese leagues are included. Fans of European football will also expect a mix of local and international events. The requirements boil down to three key directions:

  1. Classic sports (from football to golf, considering regional differences).
  2. Esports (video gaming competitions — multiplayer and solo, e.g., Dota 2, League of Legends, and Counter-Strike).
  3. Live betting (the opportunity to place wagers in real-time while the events are in progress).

Security and Support

Users will expect protection of their personal data and funds. Your white label provider must have stringent practices in place to prevent unauthorized access. All traffic between the website and the bettors’ devices must be encrypted. Look for reliable customer care and B2B support, too.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, establishing your own sportsbook is easier than ever. Instead of building a website from scratch, get a fully-featured ready-made solution with an attractive design. The platform will be customized to reflect your brand’s vision.

White label software is a win-win solution for companies and developers. Research the market to find a firm with a positive reputation and broad project portfolio. Make sure the company gives access to three crucial segments — classic sports, esports, and live betting.

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