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Ronaldo: What Makes Him a Great?

In every sport, there will be a few stars that tower above the rest when it comes to sheer skill and determination. Looking at the NFL in America, one of these icons would be Tom Brady, widely regarded as the best American football player of all time. Looking at football, there is no doubt that Ronaldo is another one of these great players, but his story is by far one of the more interesting.

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By now, everyone would have heard of Ronaldo’s name. Much in the same sense that David Beckham has become a household name, Ronaldo has reached even higher and is a worldwide brand.

There have been countless interviews published online with the Portuguese superstar, and in all of them, one thing is clear. Ronaldo is determined. A common pastime is gambling, and many enjoy gambling at the casino. This is even truer when considering online examples such as as they are much more convenient.


However, while Ronaldo’s friends and teammates were indulging in entertainment such as this, Ronaldo instead preferred to train. In his mind, he can always improve and it has been that sheer will that has elevated him to the top of his field.

For many, Ronaldo is an inspiration. He was born into poverty and was one of many children. To come from a humble beginning such as this and become one of the richest athletes in the world is no easy task, but he proved that it could be done. In addition to being determined, Ronaldo is also one of the most creative players the game has ever seen.

Over his career, he has created moments of pure magic when he creates something from seemingly nothing by using his passing ability and vision to identify chances in games.

When it comes to what Ronaldo does best, it is clear that the answer is scoring goals. He is a natural-born goal scorer, and there is no doubt this is how he will go down in the history books. Looking at his figures, they seem almost unreal, especially when compared against some of his competition. If there was ever a player that people wanted to come off the bench and rescue a game in its dying embers, it’s Ronaldo.

Given his age and the success he has enjoyed, there is no doubt he is one of football’s all-time greats. He has proven himself time and time again in different leagues and Manchester United fans should be happy he is back once again in the Premier League to do the same.

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