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Classic Football Kits

Football is a big business across the globe.  With over 3.5 billion football supporters internationally, football is growing and growing in popularity, including gaining traction in the US. 

The governing body FIFA consists of 211 professional teams who are members, spanning the world and encompassing many different countries.  Each team produces replica football kits that their supporters can purchase, offering a range of different shirts, including home shirts and away shirts. 

Limited edition shirts such as cup-final football shirts may also be available, depending on the success and the activities of your favorite team.  Of course, classic football kits from previous seasons are also available, allowing the serious fan to relive their favorite sporting memory from vintage football games and spectacular goals.

classic football kitsRetro Shirts Collections

Retro football shirts are hot property for collectors.  Collectors and dedicated fans aim to collect the most sought-after vintage shirts available from a wide range of different teams and different patterns and colors. 

Additionally, the biggest ticket items are authentic player shirts, as worn by famous footballers in legendary matches and spectacular cup finals.  Collecting football shirts is a popular pastime, with famous footballers such as Lionel Messi being one of the most notable collectors. 

Messi has developed a vast array of different football shirts over the years, swapping shirts with fellow professionals after matches as well as purchasing expensive, rare items. 

Special Edition Vintage Shirts

So you enjoy collecting football shirts from your favorite football team, and you have sought to find classic football kits that help you to relive nostalgic moments and memorable games.  You can enhance your collection further by purchasing special edition football shirts that use eye-catching patterns and unique color schemes. 

There are so many different classic football shirts, particularly from the 1980s and 1990s, in addition to further retro football kit items, such as shorts and football socks.  Each era offers unique styles in football kit designs, allowing you to witness the differences in fashion throughout the decades.

Investing in Your Collection

All collections are investments, with special, expensive pieces providing particular security and investment.  Classic football kits that are in mint condition are certain investments that you should look out for, with the most sought-after vintage shirts costing several hundred pounds or even higher. 

Displaying your retro football shirts will maximize your collection, allowing you to see the perfection that you have invested in.  Displaying retro football shirts in glass display frames will show your collection at their best and will ensure that they remain in excellent condition.  Remember that with many collector items, your football shirts will grow in value as long as you ensure that they do stay in perfect condition.

Classic Football Kit Website

Collecting classic football kits can be a difficult task unless you know specialist suppliers and collectors from whom you can purchase items from.  However, the Classic Football Kit website is your one-stop store from which you can search and purchase a wide range of different retro football shirts, encompassing shirts from all around the world and from all years throughout history. 

The team of experts at Classic Football Kit will also be able to search for specific retro football shirts for you, adhering to your requirements and the exact specification that you wish to purchase.  Let their experts do the hard work for you, allowing you to easily and effortlessly purchase your dream collector item.

Likewise, if you have any collector football shirts that you no longer want and that you would like to sell, ask the Classic Football Kit website to provide you with a purchasing quote.  You can then assess whether you would like to sell your vintage football shirt to the Classic Football Kit website so that another collector may be able to buy it.

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