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Online Casino Welcome Bonuses

When looking for the best online casino for you to become affiliated with, there are plenty of things for you to take into consideration and the obvious may not always be the best for you to start off with. Online casinos offer the ease and convenience of enabling you to play whenever and from wherever you choose.

Land casinos have the vibe and interaction with other people that players often find as the main draw for wanting to gamble in the first place. But the sign-up offers can very much sway players so what do each of the casinos offering 500 free spins have to give? 

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When you sign up to an online casino, you will notice that there are common themes in the welcome bonuses available to you but make sure that you look around to see which best fits your criteria. 

Commonly appreciated, free spins are one of the best parts of a welcome bonus when you become affiliated with a casino online because they entitle you to free play without having to spend a single penny so you have the potential to win without placing a bet and this also elongates your playing time. 

There is also a common factor of a welcome bonus too which is frequently a 100% or sometimes 200% welcome bonus so the money you credit your account with when you make your first deposit will be doubled or even tripled. 

To receive either of these frequently sourced welcome bonuses for online casinos, there is always a minimum deposit, but this will always be stated prior to you signing up with your chosen online casino and becoming affiliated with their site. 

Land Casino Welcome Offer

When visiting a land casino, also known as a traditional casino that is of the bricks and mortar variety, they are unable to offer the same style of bonuses as their welcome offers due to having to pay pricey overheads to keep their establishments open. But they do offer their own style of welcome offer which usually comes in the form of chips and/or vouchers.

The value of the chips you can receive when you sign up to a casino will dramatically depend on where you are and what the current welcome offer entails.  But there will always be at least £5 worth of credit given to you upon entry which can be exchanged for chips for you to place bets with at your chosen table. 

Vouchers you may also receive can be for free drinks like popular cocktails at their in-house bar, a free buffet voucher for their affiliated restaurant or a deal to entice you into coming back to their land casino again within a certain timeframe.

As we are all now using less paper and becoming more eco-friendly, these vouchers have commonly been replaced by codes that are used on apps specifically designed for casinos which are scanned upon your use of them so that you can make the most of your land casino welcome offer with the greatest of ease without having to worry about losing pieces of paper, vouchers, tickets, tokens or chips.

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