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Meet The North Korean soccer team

North Korea are a special team with an interesting history. There is no other team like the North Korean Soccer Team in terms of paths and perceptions. Nowhere else in the world are the players so proud of their people. The world has more than 7 billion people, but only a few have the opportunity to place  their footprint on Korean soil.

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Football is the pride of the nation

A decade ago, when the DPRK participated in the 2010 World Cup, few fans or pundits were aware of the strength of the team or the region.

North Korea failed and left the tournament early, but they did so with spiritual strength and admirable pride.

The image of tears rolling down coach Jong Tae-se’s cheeks in South Africa have remained in the hearts of fans until today.

In North Korea, a country that is more renowned for rockets than football, everything has to be tidy and disciplined. The players are like workers in other professions. They do everything, live, fight, and work to serve their country’s revolutionary ideals. And when the flag flew over the world’s largest bridge – the World Cup, the Koreans cried a lot.

Jong Tae-Se cried on the pitch, and fans in the stands cried tears of pride when the Koreans, after many efforts and despite the difficulties, rose to compete with the major footballing countries in the world.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is a man who loves sports, especially football. For Mr. Kim, sport provides an opportunity to promote a positive image of his people and their country in the free world.

There is a mysterious soccer background

Norwegian-born Jorn Andersen worked as the head coach of the North Korean national team from 2016-18, and is a very special figure in the history of football in the country. He was the first foreign coach invited by the Korean Football Federation to work there. In the days of living and breathing the atmosphere in the most mysterious country in the world, the memories that lingered with Andersen have never faded.

Due to its secrecy, North Korea is always the subject of bad rumors from outside. According to Andersen, like other activities in Korea, football is also kept secret from the outside world. The national championship there is not as well-rounded as the stature of the national team. Usually one day before the ball rolls, the new tournament information is broadcast through the loudspeaker outside the stadium for the fans to know.

Furthermore, Korean club football is given little attention. Instead, they put all their energy into the national team. The players are also under the management of different clubs but only focus on the weekend when preparing for the match. The rest of the days, the members of the national team have to work on the team and devote all their energy to the shirt.

Hope for the future

Understanding the failures of the past, Korean football has continuously sought to explore, innovate, and integrate in recent years.

Jong Tae-Se once dominated the J.League and was referred to as the “Asian Rooney”. Now, this country still has stars playing in other countries on the golden continent. Even in the highly competitive environment in Europe, Koreans have made their mark.

The Italian Senator – Mr. Antonio Razzi is close friends with leader Kim Jong-un who introduced Italian clubs to a lot of Korean football talent. Through this door of friendship, Jong Tae-Se’s juniors have the opportunity to meet, experience, and compete in Italy – where the Serie A tournament is one of the top five European leagues.

As coach Andersen recounted, North Koreans and their players never lived in a sense of defeat for too long. Every time they lose or are eliminated from the game, the Korean players return to training and always believe in brighter futures.

Football is a sinusoidal cycle, highs, and lows. The football lover of this country must not forget a miraculous story that happened in the 1966 World Cup in England. The DPRK then beat Italy 1-0 to enter the quarter-finals, becoming the first Asian team to pass the first round of a World Cup. In the quarterfinals, they led Portugal, with their legend Eusebio 3-0 before losing 5-3 on aggregate.

After that, they gradually sank into oblivion until their qualification in 2010. Despite failure in the Asian Cup in 2019 the Koreans still seriously train, compete, and fight with exceptional discipline and pride.

With World Cup qualifying for 2022 underway, North Korean are once again in contention to reach the finals. You can find updates on FIFA World Cup 2022 qualifying at website.

Although the road to Qatar will be tough, players will meet the challenge with steely determination as they continue to strive forward towards a bright future.

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