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Mobile Football Apps Every Fan Needs

Football (or soccer) is hands-down the most popular sport in the world. The exponential growth of fans and leagues out there is mind-boggling and keeping track of it all was a nearly impossible task. Until now. Mobile football apps have made our lives easier, more organized, and kept us far more informed than we ever have been.

What used to be generic sports-centric information has become a football-specific wealth of knowledge. Now, with the help of technology and devoted developers, everything you ever wanted to know about your favorite football teams is right there at your fingertips.

Without a doubt, we’re living in the most connected and informed time in all of human history and that extends to all things soccer as well.

Football fans, rejoice! Here are the best football apps you need to download today.

Soccer Bars & TV Schedules

First Touch – Soccer & The City

The number one app for finding the best soccer bars in New York & The USA. Also includes the daily soccer TV schedule featuring times and channels for every game.

News & Gossip

For the best football news and recent happenings in the sport right at your fingertips, your first stop should be in the app store. Every footie fan knows you need to keep up with the latest news to stay relevant. You don’t want to be that guy who shows up to the match without the latest news from the biggest leagues in the sport.


To keep up with all things football, you’ll need a dedicated news source. Ideally, your favorite newscasters will have their own app with a customized feed just for you, but personally, I like to have’s news app right there on my phone whenever I need my fix.

Forza Football

Formerly known as Live Score Addicts, Forza Football is an all-around must-have app for football fans. With up-to-the-minute updates from thousands of matches across the globe to selectable favorites that will send you instant notifications of every happening on the pitch of your favorite teams, Forza is a fantastic one-stop-shop app for all things soccer. Available for Android and iPhone users everywhere.


R/Football is a huge community worldwide that loves to talk about everything football. With nearly 150,000 members, this subreddit is a great place to compare notes, share ideas, and get the scoop on your favorite teams from the most hardcore soccer fans out there.


Stats Zone

Arguably one of the most in-depth football apps out there, Stats Zone provides live access to over 1500 events per match including shots, passes, tackles, interceptions, fouls, and player by player (or team by team) across all the top competitions that you care about.

If data is what you’re looking for, data is what you’re going to get. Stats Zone uses the same Opta data feeds that elite teams use for their own performance analysis and will deliver you the most accurate, up-to-the-minute statistics that exist in the world of football.

Goal Live Scores

With the most extensive match statistics, head-to-head match data, and instant goal alerts from every team internationally, you’ll not find a better football stats app out there. They even have an advanced team form where you can enter your favorite teams and see how they’ll stack up against opponents in their upcoming matches.


Dream League Soccerx

The Dream League Soccer app features full teams, complete games, and a full field of action with realistic gameplay and a sim-style team build on the front end. You build a team, make them good, and win championships. However, you can also play actual soccer with the team you made.

Once you’ve designed your perfect team, however, get ready for some clever AI competition when it comes to playing matches and tournaments. Create your own team and manage every aspect of it with one of the best-quality football mobile games on the market.

Football-Themed Slots

Soccer fans know that you can never have too much of your favorite thing. Thanks to online slot gaming, we have one more gaming option to keep your favorite pastime going. In football slots, you can play as the coach, taking your team to victory or become a player on your favorite team, on your way to the World Cup.

Football-themed slots offer a little less risk during the offseason while still keeping you in the thick of your favorite game with the chance to win a big jackpot too.

Fortune favors the bold! So be sure to try out some other options too. Go here for more information on the best sports betting apps available in 2020.

Sports Betting


The fastest and most secure sports betting app out there, Unibet is the clear winner when it comes to mobile betting. Download and place your wager on thousands of events happening all the time, easily from your mobile device.

With plenty of on-going promotions, market-leading odds, comprehensive coverage, and 30,000 live-streaming sporting events every year, Unibet has you covered for all you wish to hazard.

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