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JLAHF Podcast: Sir Alex Ferguson

Welcome to JLAHF podcast. Just Look at His Face – talking about football, but not as we know it. This podcast is all about football, as we remember it. This is a retro football chit chat – talking about the highs, the lows, the greats, the worst of the past. Join us; you know it makes sense…
Presented by Chris Lepkowski & Dave Bowler

sir alex ferguson

Sir Alex Ferguson: A story of a sacking, supreme success and sold-out souvenirs (and all that‪)‬

This week we look back on the life and managerial career of the great Sir Alex Ferguson.

From his sacking at St Mirren, right through to his retirement. We take the scenic journey from Paisley to Manchester, via Aberdeen and Mexico – against the backdrop of football’s evolution.This is look back on the glorious and inglorious moments of a brilliant career, pausing to reflect on those milestones that shaped and created one of football’s greatest and most influential managers. 

From a man who rejected Arsenal and Spurs, to a ruthless winner who rebuked his side after a cup success – we hear about a personality who was willing to break up a winning side, yet had the warmth to help poorly friends in need. We talk about the manager. And the man. Sir Alex Ferguson.

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jlahf podcast Sir Alex Ferguson
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