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Online Casinos – How Much Can You Really Win?

Today, when gambling is digital, it is difficult to identify a truly reliable company. Players complain about the difficulties they face when they try to withdraw winnings at online casinos. It is true that there are quite a few bad apples. Yet, it is unfair to assume that any website is a fraud by default.

The internet allows anyone to check the validity of marketing claims. First, there are professional review sites like, which weed out scammers. Secondly, there are social media communities and forums for players where they share experiences freely. So, how much can you actually win?

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The Largest Payouts in 2021

Many casinos include progressive jackpots in their libraries. These games have the highest prizes in the industry. At the moment, Mega Moolah and its variations are all the rage. The games have four jackpots which are constantly growing. Their initial sizes are:

  • $10,
  • $100,
  • $10,000, and
  • $1 million.

A player who hits the Mega jackpot may win a 7-, or even an 8-digit sum. Sounds too good to be true? Actually, this is perfectly plausible, as the jackpots grow with a fraction of every bet placed across the network. These games are featured in myriad casinos, so the winnings do not look exaggerated given the scope.

Other Games

Of course, other games may also bring you money. The amount depends on the number of your bets, their size, and the outcome. For example, blackjack and roulette have different payout ratios depending on the style of the games. Still, it is progressive jackpots that attract the largest share of players.

Odds Boost Through Bonuses

Bonuses are used by all gambling sites to expand the clientele and keep existing members motivated. There are welcome offers and loyalty bonuses. New members may get free spins or free money for registering their accounts. Casinos reward deposits with match bonuses. For example, one may get these for five deposits in a row, with a total bonus amount of $1,000 or even $1,500.

Welcome offers enhance the odds of hitting the largest jackpots. However, they must be assessed critically. Focus on the playthrough or wagering requirement for each offer. This defines how many times (usually, a few dozen) you need to wager the bonus before you are able to withdraw it.

Trustworthy Platforms

Naturally, payouts are only possible on reliable websites. Remember that impressive design and jaw-dropping sign-up bonuses do not guarantee fair payments or security of your data. It is possible to win online, even win big, but only if the website is trustworthy. So, before starting to play, check the reviews about various casinos, and choose wisely.

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