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History of football betting

Gamblers are enchanted by the prospect of earning a significant amount of money that may last them for the rest of their life. It’s a lot like playing the lottery. Even though many players know that football betting is entirely under your control compared to lotteries, it is still essential to find the appropriate bookmaker. If you are in Canada, you are lucky as you have proline betting available. People from other countries have to spend some time researching good places to bet on.

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Different bookies continue to have an impact on games that people choose to wager on and how much money they can win or lose. Using sophisticated marketing methods to draw attention to critical events and “raise” your odds or by providing “special” type of bets. It may seem that all these tricks are all new that appeared with all the internet bookmakers. That’s not true at all, and it was all the same hundred years ago. Your job as a gambler is to know your own rules for betting and never fall for any tricks. A little history lesson will help you with that.

Thanks to all the marketing methods, bookmakers can fully immerse gamblers in the game. They might pick a tipster with desired success rates or provide a random selection of “lucky” bet possibilities. All this is done to detach gamblers from any analytical labor. Knowing that, bookies now have greater control over what wagers will be put by players, thus reducing already modest chances of winning.


Football betting began as a kind of amusement for football fans. One such example is the pool betting system in the United Kingdom, which Littlewoods company devised in 1923. It became popular due to large possible winnings with a little initial bet. Fans were handed a coupon, which they were instructed to fill out based on their predictions of the most likely outcome.

Later, this technique became popular in newspaper coupons, which could be cut out, filled out, and sent by mail. Littlewoods offered a diverse selection of betting types and ensured that at least one weekly winner was selected from among all coupon holders.

Comparable systems were popular everywhere in the world. For instance, the french Pari-Mutuel system that is used to place bets on horse racing and TAB in Australia are all similar. Even though you can earn significantly more money than you bet is extremely enticing. Anyway, the biggest winners are the organizers themselves.


Michael Elliott’s 2-pound wager resulted in a payout of more than three million Pounds after he accurately predicted eight consecutive draws, making him one of the most well-known gambling winners in the world. If he had placed a comparable bet with another bookmaker, he would have received even a couple of times more. This viewpoint demonstrates that choosing a bookmaker is very important.

Prior to the introduction of internet bookmakers, betting pools were still a popular method of wagering among gamblers. The principle of pool betting has remained the same, regardless of whether or not the conditions are different, and players now can put their money at risk in many different ways. Nowadays, the market is a bit more living with many professional bettors constantly calculating every odd moving the market as fast as possible.

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