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Different categories of online slots

Today, more people than ever before are playing online slots. That’s because these games are ideal for people who want to have a fun hobby they don’t really have to think about, and that they can play wherever and whenever they want. That’s slots in a nutshell. No wonder they’re so popular – find out more.

Yet although the idea of playing online slots might be appealing, it can also be confusing. There are lots of different categories of online slots, and it can be useful to know which one you like best (if you have a favourite) so you don’t waste time searching in the wrong places. Here are some of the most popular categories to think about. 

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Three Reel Slots

The original slots, the first ones ever made, worked on a three reel basis. These games are similar to the fruit machines you might have come across in pubs and clubs, and they will certainly be familiar. If you’ve never played before or you want to play in the simplest way possible for any reason, the three reel slots are the ones to choose. 

With three reel slots you get three reels with three columns each. You need to match up the winning symbols across the middle row (known as the payline) and then you win. There is no more to it than that, which is why it’s such a favourite. 

Five Reel Slots

Five reel slots are also called video slots, and they are the next ‘level’ up from three reel slots. The major difference, of course, is the additional two reels, but on top of that the graphics tend to be better and you’ll find a story line thrown in too sometimes. 

The extra two reels is quite a big deal. It’s amazing to think that just two more reels adds dozens of extra paylines, giving you much more chance of winning. Not everyone likes this, however, and it can feel much more complicated than it needs to be. Yet for those who like the idea of having a better chance of winning, five reel slots might win out over three reel slots every time. 

Feature Slots

Feature slots are either three or five reel slots that have additional features included. This might be extra symbols such as wilds and scatters, or – in most cases – it refers to a bonus game within the standard game itself. These are extremely popular because the bonus game is where the big prizes come from. They also require a little more skill than you would tend to need in the standard game (which is all about luck), so it’s a nice way to change things up a little. 

Progressive Jackpots

In the majority of online slots, the game will have a fixed jackpot associated with it. If it’s not won, it stays the same and the next hopeful player will try their luck. These prizes can be big,  but not as big as the prizes in the progressive jackpot games. 

In progressive jackpots, the prize fund actually grows every time it’s not won. If this goes on for many months, you can imagine how many people will want to play the game. Life changing sums can be won.

Remember, though, when you are playing progressive slots you will generally have to pay more to start with. Whether you see this as a good investment or not will be down to personal choice.

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