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Colorado Rapids Barrios Factor

The Colorado Rapids have had a mixed season in Major League Soccer (MLS) so far. They have had some good results but also some disappointing losses. So, if you’re wondering can you bet on sports in Colorado, then they might be a team to consider in the future.

Are Colorado Rapids too Dependent on Michael Barrios?

One factor that has been a highlight of their season is the performance of Michael Barrios. Barrios has been the team’s top scorer this season, and his contributions have been vital to the team’s success. However, this has raised the question of whether the team is too dependent on him.

Michael’s Performance this Year’s Season

Michael Barrios is undoubtedly a key player for Colorado Rapids. In the last match, Colorado Rapids and Charlotte FC drew 2-2 in the first minute of second-half stoppage time thanks to a goal from Michael Barrios.

Prior to Max Alves da Silva’s goal for the Rapids (1-3-4) in the 54th minute, no team had scored. Diego Rubio and Sam Nicholson each received an assist. In the 62nd minute, Kerwin Vargas scored independently to give Charlotte (1-4-3) the equalizer. Three minutes later, Kamil Józwiak scored on a pass from Karol Swiderski to give Charlotte the lead.

The equalizer by Barrios was Colorado’s fifth goal of the year, making them the fourth team in league history to have three or fewer goals in their first seven games, this extra-time equalized score made Michael his second replacement performance of the year.  Barrios has been instrumental in helping his team secure points, and his performances have earned him recognition from MLS supporters and analysts alike.


Barrios joined the team in 2021 and immediately made a splash with an eight-goal, six-assist season before hitting a second-year slump (two goals, eight assists). However, he’s back this year to show the team that he still deserves to be there. Despite playing only 249 total minutes, Barrios has the second-highest number of shots on the club (7). He claimed that regardless of whether he is a starter or a crucial substitution, he remains on the field because of his willingness to challenge defenders bravely.

As he told the Denver Post with the help of a translator: “What makes me most proud is that I can contribute with assists or goals from my delivery, and in each match, you start realizing that… So, with that in mind, I’m focused on improving and working throughout the season so that we can achieve the goals and objectives that we are focused on.”

The Barrios’ Dependency

Despite his impressive season, some have criticized the Colorado Rapids for being too dependent on Barrios. They argue that the team’s success relies too heavily on his ability to score and create opportunities.

If Barrios has an off day, the team’s chances of getting a favorable result significantly reduce. This reliance on a single player is a concern as it exposes the team to vulnerability.

On the other hand, it is essential to recognize the role that Barrios plays in the team. Barrios’s performance has been impressive, and he has shown that he has the ability to create scoring opportunities for himself and his teammates.


His contribution to the team’s success is not to be underestimated, and the team needs him to continue playing at the top of his game to achieve their objectives.

The Colorado Rapids need to support Barrios more adequately to alleviate the dependency on him. For instance, bringing in other quality players that can step up when Barrios is not available or playing poorly would be beneficial.

Also, the team should diversify their attacking options so that opposing teams cannot focus solely on stopping Barrios. Having other players that can score and create goals is vital, and the team should focus on building a more robust collective attack.

Robin Fraser stated that the team has likely had one of its best practice weeks. However, the team knows what it will take to earn the full three points because they will face the defending champions next.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, Michael Barrios is undoubtedly a vital player for Colorado Rapids. His impact on the team’s performance is significant, and his skills have been valuable in helping his team achieve favorable results.

However, while Barrios is a critical piece of the puzzle, the team needs to diversify their attacking options and provide adequate support to the player to avoid being too dependent on him. Ultimately, the team’s performance should be a collective effort, and each player needs to contribute to the team’s success.

As Fraser said to the Denver Post: “Mikey is a really great teammate. He shows up and works hard every day. (He’s) strong, resilient, and whatever role he’s asked to play, he goes out and gives it 100%… He’s been really good for us as a starter, he’s been really good off of the bench. In the time since he’s joined us, he keeps proving what a great teammate he is and what a great addition he is to our attack.”

Photo: Onathan Petersson from Pexels

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