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5 football Betting Strategies

Many interesting events have transpired in the football world in the last few months. Argentina won the 2022 World Cup, defeating France; Cristiano Ronaldo signed with Al Nassr; and much more. If you are one of those try-hard football fans, then you must have also witnessed how football betting has taken over the sport in the shadows. Sports bettors have left no stone unturned when it comes to wagering money on these events. Keep reading as we explore the football betting space and how you can, too, utilize the betting strategies that professional bettors use.

globe logo for football betting article5 Most Important Football Betting Strategies

There are several ways to bet on any professional sport, and football is no exception. If you are bored of betting on which team is going to win and which one is going to lose, then it is probably because you have never tried the other fun options available. Start betting on the score of both teams, double chance bets, over/under bets, or any other exciting sports lines.

To help you increase your chances of winning big with football betting, we have compiled a list of the most important betting strategies below.

1. Bet on Both Teams to Score

The “both teams to score” bet is our first strategy in this list, as it is favored by many professionals in the betting market. This bet involves wagering on both teams scoring – you either bet on their combined score or against it. If you think both teams will score at least one goal, you bet on their score. When one of the teams doesn’t have your trust and you think it will not be able to score a goal, you wager against the score. Such options are available on a reputable Canadian online sportsbook, which allows you to wager over or under market, which is unique to football betting.

Going with this wager requires good knowledge of the games, their circumstances, and the trends of the teams involved. Make assessments on teams using that knowledge; this will give you an idea of the likelihood of teams to score. Once you establish that, compare the odds available on the betting site. After this, place the bet using your judgement.

2.  Bet on the Total Goals

The “total goals” is a very straightforward bet. If you are unsure of which team is going to win, then this bet is for you. All you have to do when betting on this is predict the total number of goals that are going to be scored in a match by both teams. A bookmaker will provide a certain relevant number, and you have to wager on whether the combined goals will be over or under that number.

3. Live Betting Strategy

Live betting has seen remarkable success in recent years, and for good reason. Not only is it exciting, but it has the potential to be very profitable too. This bet does exactly what it sounds like—you bet while a game is being played. Available on most online betting sites, this bet opens the door to an array of wagering options.

Keep in mind that the live betting market is prone to getting suspended for the duration of the game or for a few seconds. This usually happens after a major incident like a goal or a sendoff. Bookmakers use the shutdown time to make necessary changes, and with that, you will have to adjust your plans too.

4. Asian Handicap

Moving towards more advanced strategies, the Asian handicap wager is one of the most complicated bets out there. However, if you employ the right techniques, it can be very profitable. You make a 50/50 proposition on the result of a match by giving goals handicap to each team. To be able to make calculated wagers on this bet requires practice; for starters, you should familiarize yourself with the Asian handicap chart, as it will help you understand the payout of different outcomes.

5. Understand football trends

It goes without saying that staying up to date with the latest football trends will aid you in making informed wagering decisions. This might sound nerdy, but understanding statistics thoroughly will increase your pattern recognition ability, a useful skill when calculating odds. This way, you can predict future football events with confidence. It is a grave mistake to think trends in football do not exist; staying aware of them is the most imperative betting strategy.


The number of bet types available out there might seem daunting to a novice bettor, but they are really not that hard to understand. However, to be a big winner, you will need to hone your skills, which takes time. As long as you are consistent and determined to make a profit, nothing can stop you from winning.

Be disciplined, have patience, and responsibly manage your bankroll. With this winning formula ingrained in your mind, the betting profits will come running towards you. Also, using cryptocurrency for bets nowadays is a much more profitable choice for many professional bettors, as it allows them to make swift transactions at incredibly low costs, a perk alien to traditional card methods.

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