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A cheap Wildcard SSL for your site

Got a website with subdomains? Or maybe just thinking about creating some in the future? Then you should secure your site with a cheap Wildcard SSL. Here are three reasons why:

Why should you pick a cheap Wildcard SSL for your site

soccer bar NYC globe1 – Everything is protected under one certificate

This is the main selling point of a Wildcard SSL certificate. When you install a Wildcard SSL certificate on your site, it secures the primary domain and all subdomains of one level linked to it (* With so many different types of SSL certificates available, it can be hard to know which is best for your specific situation. You might be inclined to secure each subdomain with individual certificates, but that would be a mistake. 

When everything is secured under a single certificate, like with a Wildcard, you won’t need to worry about keeping track of multiple expiration dates and having security for any of your sites inadvertently lapse. With a Wildcard SSL, you have one certificate and one expiration date, making it the most convenient option. It also tends to be the more cost-effective SSL option for this reason. 

2 – It will automatically protect subdomains you add later

Another great thing about Wildcard SSLs is that they serve as an insurance policy for your future ambitions. If you don’t have any subdomains yet, or if you’re thinking about creating more in the future, you don’t need to worry about complications with securing them down the line. All new subdomains linked to your primary domain will be covered by your Wildcard SSL.

3 – Cheap ones just as good as more expensive options

Price is not an indication of quality when it comes to SSL certificates. All SSL certificates on the market are created with the same encryption strength. So if you see SSL stores advertising “the most powerful protection”, you can be sure that they’re exaggerating.

That isn’t to say you shouldn’t be picky about who you buy your cheap wildcard SSL from, just that you shouldn’t discount any one shop based on them being affordable. The store’s partner Certificate Authority, or CA,  is a crucial factor you should be checking out.

It’s imperative that issuing CAs be trusted by all major web browsers; if not, your domain and its subdomains may not work. Also, be sure to check out store reviews, return policies, and their customer service quality so that all your SSL needs will be met. 


SSL security is vital for keeping your site and its users safe, as well as helping create a more encrypted web. If you have a domain and multiple subdomains, getting a cheap SSL to keep everything safe and secure without breaking the bank is the best option. 

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