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Best Poker Players From Canada: Top 5

Poker is a very unique and profitable game. Since it became popular in the early 2000s, it has been some people’s favorite game whenever they visit a casino or get their hands on a deck of cards.

first touch globe logoThese days, thanks to the availability of super-fast internet services, the invention of personal devices, and online poker sites in Canada and other nations where the game is legal, just about anyone of the legal gambling age in the country can enjoy the game.

The rise of poker (online and offline) also came with the emergence of excellent poker players. Initially, many people thought the game of poker was a game of luck. However, if you have played poker before, you will know that while you need luck, you also need a lot of skills. Like any other game, it takes devotion and dedication to be good at poker.

Knowing that they need skills to excel at the game, some players have ensured it is an essential tool in their arsenal. They have sharpened this tool and practiced with it so that their A-game is guaranteed wherever they play. Interestingly, many of these excellent poker players are abundant here in Canada. This article examines the top 5 best poker players from the North American nation.

1. Daniel Negreanu

Daniel Negreanu has to be the best Canadian poker player ever. With a career earning that surpasses $45 million, he is not only regarded as the most successful Canadian poker player but one of the best players in the history of the game. This Toronto native has won six WSOP bracelets, two WSOP ‘Player of the Year Awards, and many other titles.

What more? He made his biggest winning in the game in 2014, when he came second in the $1 million Big One for One Drop and went home with more than $8.2 million. He was also inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame in 2014 and is the first player to win WSOP bracelets in three locations worldwide.

2. Timothy Adams

How many poker players can brag about having two $3 million scores in their bag of achievements? Timothy Adams definitely can! This Burlington, Ontario native has also made a lot of achievements in the game. If not for the numerous exploits of Negreanu, he may even be regarded as the best poker player Canada has ever produced.

Adam won a WSOP bracelet at the No-Limit Hold’em table in 2012 and has won over $25 million from playing live tournaments. He made his biggest winning in 2020 when he won the Super High Roller Bowl for the second time in his career. He walked home with a staggering $3.6 million.

3. Sam Greenwood

Show me that man that loves to push edges, and we will show you Sam Greenwood. Initially, he pushed edges from Wall Street and switched to poker. Transitioning to poker seems to be a good move for the 33-years old Toronto native. He has already won more than 22 million dollars in just seven years.

Greenwood made a very laudable achievement in his career – three titles in a month. He made this achievement in not just any event but high roller events in 2018. What a nice $1.8 million made on a weekend trip to the Caribbean!

4. Jonathan Duhamel

Jonathan Duhamel is another excellent poker player from Canada. He is undoubtedly a Canadian poker legend with three WSOP bracelets to his name, among other titles. This 35-years old Boucherville native is the first Canadian to win the WSOP main event. His long-winning run in 2010 is still his most significant win to date.

One impressive thing about Duhamel is that, till now, he is still in the spotlight. Many WSOP winners are one-hit wonders, but he is different. You can say that his grounding in poker has made him remain prominent in the game even after winning the 2010 main event. He has made over $18 million playing poker.

5. Mike McDonald

Only one word describes Mike McDonald in the game of poker – crusher! His winnings were so regular at some point that you could set your watch by him, which probably explains his online moniker – Timex.

In an EPT Main event in 2014, McDonald became the youngest player ever to win such an event. You can say his years of honing his skills online eventually paid off. Beneath his baby face is a killer instinct that has won him over $13 million from the game.


Poker is a fun, unique, and profitable game for players with the right skills and strategies. Above are some Canadian players who have honed their skills and performed excellently in the game and, in the process, securing winnings that will make us not forget them in a hurry.

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