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Alternative Sports To Watch

With major sport resuming with a somewhat uncertain schedule, now might be the best time to get interested in sports that have always intrigued you, but which you have never got around to watching. If you’re looking for a new sport to fall in love with, why not try watching some of the following alternative sports this summer?


globe logo for alternative sports article One for those who love video games, esports is a form of sport which players take part in electronically. 83% of viewers stated they enjoyed watching esports as it’s an activity they take part in at home, also. This adds an extra personal element.

Viewers can imagine themselves in such positions, and it’s entirely possible they too can be involved. Popular tournaments and events for esports include the Fortnite World Cup, where players could win an incredible $100 million prize money, and the Call of Duty League. You can take your viewing experience up a level, also, by taking part in esports betting from the comfort of your sofa.

Horse Racing

A sport that is the favorite of many British aristocrats, horse racing can be exhilarating. One such reason for this is due to the amount of information that fans and pundits can dig into—they will find that training routines, horse ancestry, and of course, jockey selection, can greatly impact the results of races. Even if you’re not betting, predicting which horse you feel is going to win based on a wealth of information about the racers makes each race nail-biting. There’s no better time to get into horse racing, with the Royal Ascot taking place from June 16-20.

Marble Racing

Yes, you read that correctly. ESPN is now broadcasting marble racing. Viewers may be confused when tuning in and watching marbles rolling down a sandy path to a finish line, but citizens of the internet are going crazy over it. Who knows, maybe it will excite you like no sport ever has done before.

Sepak Takraw

Do you like soccer, but feel it doesn’t have enough acrobatics or kung-fu kicking? Well, you might want to try watching Sepak Takraw, a sport played in Malaysia, Thailand, and Laos. It is soccer and volleyball put together, as players compete to kick a ball to each other over a net that’s almost twice the height of a tennis net without the ball bouncing. Sepak akraw games are conducted by players using incredible flips and overhead kicks to get the ball to the opponent’s side. The USA team livestreams their games on Facebook.


Quidditch, yes the same quidditch from Harry Potter, has been adapted for muggles, who chase a snitch on a broomstick (without actually flying). The rules are supposed to be as similar to the real rules of quidditch as possible, but some may find it chaotic and hard to watch. If you’re a Harry Potter fan, however, it is definitely worth giving quidditch watching a go. USQ, the US quidditch association, describes the sport as mixing elements of rugby, dodgeball, and tag.

Three chasers score goals worth 10 points with a quaffle, two beaters try to disrupt the flow of the game using bludgers, and each team has a seeker who tries to catch a snitch, which is attached to a snitch runner. More on these confusing rules here.

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