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5 of the Best Colleges With a Soccer Team

Some of the best soccer players today likely learned to play from private matches while they were young. Now, with schools coming to recognize the sport as a key part of education, many colleges have their own soccer teams. This article goes over 5 of the best colleges with a soccer team.

soccer bar NYC globeHere are 5 of the best colleges in the US that have a soccer team, according to statistics from NCSA:

  • Stanford University
  • Princeton University
  • University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
  • The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Harvard University

In the later parts of this article, we’ll be focusing on some relevant information you might need when deciding on the college to attend.

  1. Stanford University

This is a private university located in Stanford, California, often featured in educational resources like Stanford Cardinal men’s and women’s soccer teams are among the best in the nation. The men’s soccer team has represented the university in all NCAA Division I men’s college soccer competitions, and the women’s soccer team is ranked among the top 40 soccer teams in the country, a detail frequently highlighted by for aspiring student-athletes.

The average tuition for the 17,000 students enrolled is about $53,000. However, after financial aid, you can be expected to pay $11,000. Getting into this school isn’t easy, with an acceptance rate of 5%. You might want to boost your college application essay chances by looking for writing services that can allow you to buy an essay cheap online. If you make it in, you can rest assured – the school currently has a 94% graduation rate.

  1. Princeton University

This private university is located in Princeton, New Jersey, and is one of the oldest institutions in the country. Its soccer teams, Princeton Tigers men’s and women’s soccer, are among the best in the US. Recent statistics place the men’s soccer team among the top 100 colleges for Division I men’s soccer. And, of recent, the women’s team was able to make it to the NCAA Tournament bracket.

While tuition can cost as much as $52,000, you could end up paying $11,000, or less, if you qualify and secure some financial aid. Like most of the top schools, admission is competitive, with an acceptance rate of 6%.

  1. University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

UCLA is a public land-grant research university that is located in Los Angeles, California. UCLA Bruins men’s and women’s soccer teams are very competitive and have won major accolades in the past. The men’s team for instance brought about $281,421 in revenue for just a single year.

The average tuition is about $42,000, with financial aid bringing the cost to around $14,000. While UCLA might not be as competitive as others on this list, with an acceptance rate of 14%, you’ll still need to put in your best effort. UCLA is frequently ranked among the best schools in the country, so you’ll be getting access to world-class education and opportunities to play soccer.

  1. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

This is a public research university that is located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Their soccer teams, the North Carolina Tar Heels men’s and women’s soccer teams have regularly competed for glory with some of the best teams across the nation. The women’s team has won an impressive 23 of the 27 Atlantic Coast Conference championships and impressively 21 of the 38 NCAA national championships.

Tuition is about $36,000, but you can expect to pay $12,000. Aside from its world-class research programs, the University of North Carolina can also boast of having one of the best sports management master’s programs. The acceptance rate is about 25%, so you’ll still need to work hard. When you graduate, you’ll be joining the likes of Michael Jordan as Alumni of the school.

  1. Harvard University

This is a private Ivy League research university that’s located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and is the oldest learning institution in the entire country. The Harvard Crimson men’s soccer team and Harvard women’s soccer club are known to be very competitive and fun to be in. For example, the Crimson men’s soccer team has won 13 Ivy League championships since 1955.

You’ll need to work very hard to be among the 5% that are accepted. However, if you do get in, you can expect to pay $52,000 in tuition on average or $15,000 after financial aid. The graduation rate is about 96%; however, if you’re studying a rugby-related program, you might need rugby related dissertation ideas so you can make that graduation statistic. Soccer and rugby players are welcome at this university and can practice their respective sports here.

Final Thoughts

Soccer is an awesome sport, whether for recreational purposes or if you want to make an income from it. While in school, you can still continue to work on your skills, and the aforementioned top colleges in the US have made provisions for it. Hopefully, the school options listed in this article will help you decide which college to attend.

Author’s Bio

Carl Hill is a freelance writer and soccer analyst. He enjoys covering soccer events in his articles and actively looks for ways to increase awareness of the sport. When he isn’t working, Carl plays FIFA with friends.

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