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How Manchester United Fans Bet on Other Sports

Looking to put some bets on this weekend? Many Manchester United fans enjoy betting on the Red Devils each week, but it is fair to say that the team has been inconsistent this year, and it can be hard to predict the outcome of any match. Not only this, but you might find betting on your own team to be highly stressful! It is a fantastic feeling when we win, and you also win a bet, but it is twice as bad when we lose, and you lose money. So, how can you bet on other sports this weekend? Here are a few ideas for sports to bet on.

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The NBA playoffs are fully underway right now in the conference semi-finals, so the competition is getting tough, and there are some very interesting matchups that could lead to a few upsets. Betting on basketball is fun because it is such a back-and-forth sport, and there are so many different statistics that you can bet on.

College Basketball

It is not just the NBA that you can bet on either, as college basketball is also a fun sport to place a bet on. You can find tips about college basketball strategy online that could help you to find success with your bets, such as small conference specialization, which involves researching a much smaller conference and teams that the books overlook. There are so many teams in college basketball that it means that bookies put most of their research into the major teams, so you might find that you can beat the bookies with detailed research into the smaller teams.

Horse Racing

There’s a reason why horse racing is one of the most popular betting sports around the world, and it can be a fun way for people to bet. There is a certain purity about betting on horse racing as you can simply pick the winner of the race or expand your winning possibility by picking a horse to place (finishing in the top 3). You can often get great odds thanks to BOG (best odds guaranteed) promotions that can give you a strategic advantage.


Tennis is another exciting sport to bet on because it is a battle of two people (or 4 if betting on doubles), and matches can last for a few hours. In addition to betting on the winner, there’s all kinds of other markets, such as total games betting and first set winner. As there are so many points, games, and sets, you can wager on many different parts of a match and often get some great odds at major events like Wimbledon.

Hopefully, this post will give you a few ideas for other sports to bet on this weekend. Betting on your favorite team isn’t always advisable, especially in what has been a frustrating season for the Red Devils. These are a few alternatives that could give you the thrill of betting without the extra stress!

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