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Everton Supporters Clubs In The USA

Toffees fans in the United States now have many choices when it comes to bars to watch Everton. There are now Everton supporters clubs in Boston, Chicago, and Las Vegas to name but a few. There’s even an Everton supporters club in Kentucky going by the delicious-sounding name of Bourbon Toffees. 

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Everton FC Supporters Clubs In The USA

Please let us know of any Everton FC bars or clubs that you don’t see listed.


This is the mothership of Everton supporters groups in the USA, making it the obvious place to start on our round-up of Toffees bars and clubs throughout the country. You can join their Facebook page to stay connected with USA Everton events.

Everton Supporters Group In Arizona

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Arizona Evertonians

Join up with the Arizona Evertonians here, or you can just follow them on Twitter.

Everton bar in Tempe – Badlands

Everton Supporters Groups In California

SF Evertonians

Follow the San Francisco Evertonians on Twitter and Facebook, or better still, meet them on Polk Street for a game at McTeague’s Saloon.

Everton bar in San Francisco – McTeague’s Saloon

San Diego Toffees

This is the supporters club for Everton fans in San Diego County. Follow San Diego Toffees on social media.

Everton bar in San Diego – The Harp, Ocean Beach

Southern California Everton

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Formed in 2013, SoCal Everton’s mission is to unite Everton fans from Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, San Bernardino, Riverside and San Diego Counties. You can join their private Facebook page and get involved with organizing viewing parties and you can follow them on Twitter. 

Everton Supporters Group In Colorado

Colorado Evertonians

Colorado Evertonians were formed in 2013 and are officially recognized as an Everton supporters group. Join them here

Everton bar in Denver – Alpha Charlie’s

Everton Supporters Group In Connecticut

Connecticut Toffees

Looking for Everton fans to connect with in Connecticut? You’ve come to the right place.

Everton Supporters Group In Delaware

Everton Delaware

If you are an Everton fan living in Delaware you may want to follow this group on Twitter.

Everton Supporters Group In Florida

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Vice City Evertonians

This is the Miami Headquarters for all things Everton. Follow them here.

Everton Orlando

Everton Orlando is growing at a healthy pace. Check their social media for news about local meet-ups and viewing parties.

Everton Tampa

You can now join the Tampa Facebook group to find out about local events and viewing parties.

Everton bar in Tampa – Two Shepherds

Everton Supporters Group In Georgia

Atlanta Evertonians

This Everton supporters group is now over 400 strong and one of the largest in North America. You can visit their website to learn how to become a member, and you can join them for a game at Limerick Junction. You won’t be disappointed.

Everton bar in Atlanta – Limerick Junction

Everton Supporters Group In Illinois

Chicago Evertonians

Chicago Evertonians first came together back in 2001 and they now have over 200 members. Visit their website to find out about free membership and visit AJ Hudson’s to catch the next Everton match.

Everton bar in Chicago – AJ Hudson’s

Everton Supporters Group In Indiana

Indiana Evertonians

Join the Facebook group of the Indiana Evertononians.

Everton Supporters Group In Kentucky

Everton Kentucky

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Meet up with Kentucky’s official Everton supporters group at the Raven in Louisville to watch a  match. You can also follow the group on Twitter.

Everton bar in Louisville – The Raven
Everton bar in Lexington – Shamrock

Everton Supporters Group In Maryland

Baltimore Toffees

If you’re living in Maryland you can join up with the Baltimore Toffees on their social media pages.

Everton Supporters Group In Michigan

Michigan Evertonians

Get in touch with Michigan Everton supporters through this private Facebook group

Everton Supporters Group In Missouri

St. Louis Evertonians

Meet up inneapolis.

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