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Why Soccer Is Popular In Canada

Soccer may be the most popular sport in most countries and the world, but it isn’t in Canada. Although the Great White North has always been a home to various types of sports, soccer is nowhere near the nation’s most adored sports – ice hockey and lacrosse hold that honor.

Major Factors Contributing to the Popularity of Soccer in Canada

However, despite not being the most popular, soccer has dramatically developed over the past decade to be the fastest-growing sport in the country. The popularity of soccer in Canada is so fast-paced that many now refer to the sport as the third most popular in the country. So, what are the significant factors behind the recent popularity of soccer in Canada? Let’s examine some of them in this post.

Soccer Betting is a Big Deal Worldwide

It’s no secret that soccer betting is a big deal worldwide, and its impact is sweeping across Canada. Like other forms of betting, soccer betting allows loyal fans to make money from their knowledge, projections, and predictions of the sport. However, unlike other sports, soccer presents many gambling options like wagering on the number of goals, bookings, corners, outcomes of every match, etcetera, making betting on the sport quite interesting.

As you know, Canada is one of the gambling hubs in the world. So, it’s almost impossible for its residents not to notice a sport with many viable gambling options like soccer. In addition, soccer betting became available in many online bookies making betting on the sport even more convenient for Canadians. However, with the numerous available options, you may need help picking the best Canadian soccer betting sites to enjoy a smooth gambling experience. A platform like can help in this regard.

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Everything About the Sport is Easy

Soccer may be fast-paced, tactical, and many other things, but it’s also a straightforward sport to understand and play. That’s why many people love the sport. You don’t need to have followed the sport for years before understanding it. You can comprehend soccer within minutes of watching a match. It’s that simple!

In addition, regarding cost, soccer is one of the most cost-efficient sporting activities. You can enjoy the sport with just a ball and some space. Many Canadian parents prefer their wards to play soccer than other team sports. That’s because it’s inexpensive and more difficult to get injured than in other team sports like ice hockey.

Again, although simple, soccer is one of the few sports that never ceases to amaze its fans with undiluted and captivating actions. It’s a sport where anything can happen. Unlike many other sports where a team’s dominance is synonymous with a win, a team can dominate a match and still lose in soccer. We’ve seen many instances where the underdog team will struggle for 90 minutes yet still go home with the win. The unpredictable actions and exciting experiences are some of the reasons why many people refer to soccer as the best sport of all.

The Influx of Immigrants

Canada is one of the most popular destinations for most immigrants globally. As these migrants arrive in Canada for work or other purposes, they bring their cultures, beliefs, lifestyles, and likes to the country. Of course, many of these immigrants may have come from countries with soccer as the number one sport. So, when they arrive in Canada, they continue to follow or play the sport they’ve been following or playing for years.


Technology is one of the most significant factors contributing to the popularity of soccer in Canada. Technology has made soccer games very accessible to people all over the world, even those in Canada. The ease of getting access to watch these matches in recent years had greatly helped the sports’ popularity compared to a few decades ago when it wasn’t easy to watch soccer games.

In addition, the internet has made it extremely easy for Canadians and many other people worldwide to watch highlights and other soccer clips of great plays. With these highlights, game recaps, great-play clips, etcetera, you can easily catch up on popular games, even when you’ve missed watching the game. This contributes to the game’s popularity.

The Growth of the MLS

Another factor that has contributed significantly to the growth of soccer in Canada is the significant growth and popularity of Major League Soccer (MLS) in Canada. As the highest form of male competitive football in America and Canada, the MLS has provided Canadians and other fans with a top-level platform to see and enjoy the sport.

In addition, if you’ve been following the MLS, you’ll know that the Canadian teams in the league have recorded quite a good number of successes. Success has always been a precursor to attracting popularity in just about anything, and soccer is no different.


Overall, soccer’s exciting gameplay, the growth of the MLS, technology, and a chance to bet and win money, amongst other factors, have contributed significantly to the sport’s popularity in Canada. As long as these factors continue to influence the sport, it’s safe to say that soccer will continue to be popular in the nation.

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