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Football is a force that unites people from all walks of life, and as such, it features different components that keep attracting the masses. Even though the sole adrenaline of the game is enough to make it the most popular sport on the planet, other components also get the attention of fans, and creative jersey designs are surely among them. 

The Striking and Divisive Jerseys That Ruled the Pitch

Famous clubs and major sponsors are aware of that, so they continue to fascinate audiences with striking visuals that blend football with fashion.

brazil jersey

The History of Football Jerseys

Football jerseys as we know them are made of advanced materials that provide superb quality to players who wear them. On top of that, their creators invest time and money in the creation of memorable design elements, which are then combined with various sponsorships.

However, it wasn’t always like that, as the initial items were plain button-up shirts. Nowadays, the shirts are placed under such a spotlight that FIFA even has rules in place that forbid the players from taking their shirts off during games. Of course, the rules are not there to promote the design of different jerseys, but they do work well for their appeal. All-in-all, today’s professional players get to wear true fashion statement pieces while they make sports history at the same time.

The Most Memorable Jerseys Of All Times

usa 1994 soccer jersey

Let’s mention some of the most iconic jerseys in the history of football:

USA 1994

The USA World Cup 1994 was a huge undertaking for the national team, and the hosts did their best to stay memorable on the field, both through their game and with the official jersey. However, it ended up being one of the most lucrative Cups of all time, and much of that is because of the increased demand for branded merchandise.

Fans were crazy about the American kit that features a denim print with stars flying across the front side. This was an homage to the national flag, as well as a symbol of the team’s energy and optimism.

Brazil 1970

The 1970 World Cup Jersey featured by Brazil is considered a true masterpiece of both functionality and design. It features the team’s signature colors which are yellow and green, with additional bold green stripes that decorate the sleeves and the chest.

Also, the shirt features the iconic CBF badge and a simple collar that adds to its style. The country’s 1970 team was known as one of the greatest in history, and the design of the jersey they wore quickly became the symbol of the dominance of Brazil on the field. As a result, its influence can be seen in several other designs.

Manchester United 1999

The team’s 1999 Champions League winning jersey is one of the most iconic football shirts of all time. Design-wise, it is a classic example of the team’s well-known red and white color scheme, paired with a prominent black collar and trim.

On top of that, there is also the club crest and the iconic Adidas logo, both placed neatly on the chest. The world adored this unique group of players led by Sir Alex Ferguson, and their jersey remained known as the symbol of Manchester United’s enduring spirit and determination.

Argentina 1986

The country’s 1986 team was led by Diego Maradona, the legend himself, and as such, it is widely known as one of the greatest groups in history. As a result, the jersey they wore is still seen as a symbol of their greatness. The design is fairly simple, featuring traditional light blue and white stripes that we all connect with Argentinian football. In addition to that, the players also carried the team crest on the chest, together with the sponsor logo on the sleeve.

The Role of Sponsorships

Football is by far the most popular game on the globe, and the leading clubs generate large revenue from different sponsorships. Companies and brands constantly approach clubs with generous offers that can help them promote their business and attract more customers. When such partnerships occur, clubs add branded design elements to their uniforms, and sometimes the logos are integrated in such a harmonious way that in the end, they become a characterizing style element of a given team.

As a result, clubs get to enjoy lucrative deals that allow them to fund and improve various segments of their functioning. For example, thanks to companies like Etihad Airways, Nissan, Visit Abu Dhabi, and others, Manchester City made more than $350 million last year.

Besides the details of exciting leagues and tournaments, football enthusiasts are also interested in the colors of their favorite teams, and this is exactly where jerseys come into play. The shirts worn by the teams are often seen as symbols of their greatness, and sponsors keep racing to leave their mark on iconic designs.


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